Fraudsters force Muscovites to install fumigation detectors

Fraudsters force Muscovites to install fumigation detectors
Fraudsters force Muscovites to install fumigation detectors
5 March 2021, 20:45Incidents
False fire inspectorates walk around Moscow apartments and, under the threat of fines, force people to buy boxes, supposedly signaling about the fumigation.

It is known that the methods used by fraudsters to take money from citizens can be the most incredible, and often, the more incredible they are, the more effective.

For example, a fraudulent scheme, in which mummers gasmen, zhekovtsy and other specialists walk around the apartments, posing as insurers, employees of gas services, management companies, "checking" stoves, pipes and communications. At the same time, they necessarily find a breakdown and offer to install expensive equipment - meters or a gas analyzer. Often they intimidate residents, assuring, for example, that without a special device, a gas leak is about to happen, and then an explosion and collapse. And they will give some fresh example of this kind. Having installed the "device", the victims very soon realize that it is absolutely useless. And it happens that scammers simply rob the apartment of a gullible owner.

Here's a fresh example: the apartments of Muscovites have again begun to be bypassed by intruders posing as fire inspectors. One of these has recently visited the Muscovite Yelena Ivanitskaya.

“Warn your parents”, - she advises on her blog. - The view is decent. He foists a little red book under my nose: "Fire safety check". Equipped just like a real gas tester. Asks questions... Well, there may be such. Then he sternly asks: where is the fumigation indicating device? You must immediately set it under the threat of a fine!

Only then did I kick him out. As a result, it turned out that smart people kicked him out of the door, and he handed a box to an old woman on the third floor for 6 thousand rubles..."

As one of the readers wrote:

“No stranger should be allowed into the apartment. Both the form and the certificate of any type can be bought easily. All support services, including the police, must have your phone number and know your name and patronymic. Demand the organization's phone number from those who introduced themselves outside the door. You check your phone on the Internet. Call and ask: did your employee come to me without prior notice? Or immediately call the police and let them find out who is hanging around the apartments. By the way, sometimes a notice is posted near the entrance: such and such, they say, there will be a door-to-door check, the management company. No shit! Anyone can write such an ad. According to the instructions, there must be prior notification of the residents and the police before such a visit..."

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