A resident of Ryazan region who shot five neighbors turned out to be a neo-Nazi

A resident of Ryazan region who shot five neighbors turned out to be a neo-Nazi
A resident of Ryazan region who shot five neighbors turned out to be a neo-Nazi
6 April 2020, 15:40IncidentsPhoto: vk.com
Anton Franchikov, who arranged for reprisals against noisy neighbors, was already brought to administrative responsibility - for the image of the swastika on social networks.

Earlier it was reported that the 32-year-old resident of the village of Elatma, Kasimov district of the Ryazan region, Anton Franchikov, shot dead four young men and a girl who spoke loudly under his windows. The victims of the shooter were from 22 years old to 31 years old. Franchikov, who was trying to escape, was detained two hours later, a gun was discovered in his apartment from which he shot.

It was also said that the shooter was mentally ill and was on psychiatristic control. But that is not all. A few months ago Franchikov was held administratively liable for publishing an image of a swastika on his social media page. We have to recall that according to the Code of Administrative Offenses the propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols entails the imposition of an administrative fine or arrest.

Blogger Lena Miro points out that the detainee really could not be a healthy person because he was a neo-Nazi.

- Neo-Nazis are not mentally healthy. They all suffer from antisocial personality disorder. They are all psychotic. I am 100% sure of this. If a person is a neo-Nazi, then he is definitely a sociopath, that is, mentally ill. Breivik everyone remembers? So he is a neo-Nazi and a sociopath, ” the blogger writes .

She wonders - why did the neo-Nazi who was already brought to administrative responsibility have registered weapons?

“Why wasn’t this gun taken from him?” Who issued this person permission to store weapons? - asks Miro.

She adds that a certificate from a psychiatrist authorizing the purchase of weapons in Russia is too simple to get: “You come to a psychiatric clinic. They don’t even talk to you there. They put a stamp and send you home. At their best they’ll look at something in their dusty house books. ”

Instead of treating Franchikov, the blogger is indignant, they gave him permission to store weapons, in addition, the weapon was not seized even after he was brought to administrative responsibility.

- The price of this is 5 corpses in the village of Elatma, Ryazan Region, on April 4. And this happened only in this single tiny village on a single day. What can we say about the immense Mother Russia? - writes Miro.

Meanwhile the criminal proceedings were initiated in connection with the incident under the article on the murder of two or more persons. Investigators insist on the arrest of the detainee. The Vice-governor of the Ryazan region promised to help the families of the victims.

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