An invitation to the execution: how two automobilists were "dismembered" near Balashikha

An invitation to the execution: how two automobilists were "dismembered" near Balashikha
An invitation to the execution: how two automobilists were "dismembered" near Balashikha
6 August 2020, 10:26Incidents
There is no doubt that the victims will be blamed for the next car accident, but in fact, they are not at all to blame.

The public figure Pyotr Shkumatov called the road accident that claimed the lives of two people in the suburbs "classic": "This is called to "dive under". Of course, the accident card will say that the Camry driver is to blame. But here I am concerned about one question ... Where is the underrun? Judging by the video from the scene, it was simply not identified. Moreover, this element of security has long been mandatory in Europe..."

This car accident is analyzed by blogger Iskander Arbatsky:

“There is a moratorium on the death penalty in Russia now. But who is destined to be quartered, he will not drown, that fate cannot be avoided.

On August 03, 2020, near Moscow, in the morning, two travelers were quartered, who did not reach Bolotnaya (where Emelyan Pugachev was quartered) or Red Square (where Stepan Razin was quartered).

They received an invitation to be executed on the E22 road four kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road.

They drove into a truck parked on the road.

The bottom of the truck body cut off the travelers' heads.

The engine drove into the cabin and cut off the legs.

Hands flew to the sides as they were cut off by the open and crumpled Toyota doors.

Interestingly, no one issued an official death sentence to the travelers.

Traffic cops say the travelers are to blame.

In fact, the traffic cops themselves are to blame.

FIRST, those traffic cops from the 5th traffic police of Mosbolasti are to blame, who did not interfere with the parking of the truck on the international expressway.

Четвертование на трассе Е-22 Казань-Ливерпуль, 03-авг-2020, 08:20, 4й километр от Москвы в сторону Казани. Снимок не совсем качественный. Снято на телефон, на большой скорости.

The Moscow-Balashikha section is a traffic-free section of four lanes in each direction. In any European country, parking a truck on such an autobahn is a serious crime.

SECONDLY, those traffic cops are to blame, who issued a certificate of technical inspection to the owners of the truck. The truck did not have a power protective bar with stiffening ribs, which is mandatory by all international standards.

Now Putin's new constitution is laying on international standards with an apparatus. But in national standards, the same requirements are still there.

Более качественный снимок, вид со стороны багажника "Тойоты". Всё остальное, кроме багажника, оказалось по фурой. На обочине - передний бампер, мятые железки, оставшиеся от крыльев, дверей. В мешке - два четвертованных трупа

Whether the owners of the truck and its drivers will bear responsibility for the quartering of travelers is a separate question. However, the traffic cops from the 5th battalion, which lodges in the village of Bolshoye Bunkovo on the E-22 highway, placed all the blame on the quartered themselves.


The third traveler, sitting in the back seat of the Toyota, is still alive. All broken, but alive. So the truck didn't cut off his head".

Так выглядит защитный силовой брус на самосвале в Европе. В России такую экзотику вы, пожалуй, никогда не увидите.


The figures given by Shkumatov indicate the seriousness of this kind of accident:

“Here is the April statistics on those killed in Moscow for April 2020. A total of 24 people died. Of these, 11 people are on the Moscow Ring Road. Of these 11 people, 10 people died in road accidents related to hitting an obstacle (as you see in the video). In general, because of a collision with an obstacle in Moscow in April, 13 people died, or 54% of all deaths in road accidents. By the way: 5 people died of pedestrians, one of them ran across the Moscow Ring Road, the second ran across Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Two more people died crossing the road in the wrong place, and only in one case was the driver guilty (on Miklukho-Maklay's street). As a result of the collisions (where are the same chippers and separation barriers?...) 5 more people died. Here is the whole alignment for you.

Agree, after you have learned the internal structure of what is happening, everything does not look like that, as the Moscow Department of Transport gives us with its cameras, fines for each sneeze and 40 signs in the bushes?"

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