New video of torture in the Yaroslavl colony appeared on the Internet

New video of torture in the Yaroslavl colony appeared on the Internet
New video of torture in the Yaroslavl colony appeared on the Internet
7 October 2020, 20:00Incidents
The Project has published a new video of torture in one of the colonies of the Yaroslavl region. The video was filmed on a video recorder by one of the employees of the colony No. 1 in 2016-2017.

It shows how four officers wring the hands of a prisoner who is stripped to his underwear, then put him face down on his desk and begin to beat him with truncheons. The process is led by Vladimir Kruglov, who has not worked in the colony for several years.

The publication notes that the video was made after the walk. It shows a prisoner who was previously placed in a punishment cell. Kruglov forces him to squat without underwear as punishment, but he refuses. The name of the victim of the actions of the employees of the colony is not named. Former prisoners told the publication that the officers resorted to such punishments if the prisoners were rude to them. We did it regularly. Many employees of the institution involved in torturing and beating prisoners have not yet been punished.

The "project" found the FSIN officers present on the video in social networks. They turned out to be Sergei Ivanov and Andrei Tikhomirov. They also no longer work in the colony. “The faces of other employees of the institution are also clearly visible on the video. These people could be identified during the investigation, if it was carried out, ”the newspaper writes.

Over the past four years, 123 former employees of Russian colonies have been convicted in Russia for using force against prisoners. Almost half of them got off with fines or suspended sentences, the rest were sentenced to a minimum sentence of 3-3.5 years in prison. At the same time, a third of the accused employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service were tried for crimes that ended in the death of a prisoner, or causing grievous harm to his health.

In October this year, two former employees of the Yaroslavl colony No. 8, Sardor Ziyabov and Dmitry Nikitenko, were sentenced to four and three years, respectively, for abuse of power. They beat the prisoners. After their release, they will not have the right to hold a position in law enforcement for another 2.5 years. Ziyabov was arrested in the courtroom, and Nikitenko was released, since he had already served his sentence in a pre-trial detention center. Neither Ziyabov nor Nikitenko pleaded guilty.

Earlier, Novaya Gazeta published several videos of the beating of prisoners in the Yaroslavl colony No. 1. The recordings were made in 2017. In one of the videos, prisoner Yevgeny Makarov is being tortured in handcuffs, in the other, the colony officers line up in order to make it easier to beat convicts passing by. After the publication of these records, 14 former employees of the Yaroslavl FSIN were arrested.

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