Gender reassignment back and forth: how a young British woman stopped the transhumanism machine

Gender reassignment back and forth: how a young British woman stopped the transhumanism machine
Gender reassignment back and forth: how a young British woman stopped the transhumanism machine
7 December 2020, 17:03Incidents
A resident of Great Britain, who changed her sex as a teenager, not only regained her biological identity, but also won a lawsuit against the clinic, which forced her to do it.

Kira Bell has won a historic lawsuit in the UK against Tavista and Portman Gender Identity Clinics. The girl made the transgender transition seven years ago as a teenager, and then abandoned it and returned her biological gender.

When she began puberty, she began to experience greater psychological problems, which are associated with the rejection of the changes taking place in her body during this period, and also with the role that society assigns to women. In a state of persistent depression, the 14-year-old went to psychologists who sent her to the Tavistock Clinic, which specializes in child and adolescent gender identity. Moreover, for state health insurance! There she was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, which in common parlance means that she was born a girl by mistake, but in fact she is a boy, and you need to free her from this “gender prison” by changing her gender and thereby freeing her from psychological problems with the help of "puberty blockers". With the help of hormonal drugs that stop the natural process of maturation and maturation of the body, that is, in fact, by the method of chemical castration, which is used in the treatment of pedophiles, the doctors of the clinic began to change the gender of Kira Bell to the opposite. Such manipulations are often used against children in gender identity clinics in developed countries.

After completing the course of blockers, doctors began to inject the girl at the age of 17 with male gender hormones. At first she was forced to walk in bandages that tightened her breasts, do not let her grow. And already at the age of 20, after these extremely painful manipulations, her breasts were removed. The problem with this "treatment" is also that the patient gets a lifelong dependence on hormone therapy, as well as the prospect of undergoing new operations to further remove already "unnecessary" female organs, as well as the likelihood of various side diseases associated with hormone injections.

Moreover, the girl, despite all these procedures, did not overcome her psychological problems, continuing to be in a depressed state. As a result, she realized that instead of getting rid of the psychological problems common in adolescence, she was simply crippled, like hundreds of her other peers suffering from similar problems.

And then she decided to "return to her gender". It turned out that she is not alone in her torment - several thousand like "detrans-persons" who have undergone gender reassignment surgery by mistake in the whole world. And they all want to end this suffering and return to their biological field. True, not all of them, unlike Kira Bell, openly admit their mistakes and none of them, except her, sued the clinics that mutilated his body and life ...

Despite the fact that minors are not allowed to drive a car or buy tobacco and alcoholic beverages, they are not prohibited from consenting to manipulations that will irrevocably affect their physical and mental health ... In fact, it turns out that paying for such “treatment »Insurance, the state finances experiments on children and adolescents ...

Kira Bell was able to successfully prove at the trial that this kind of practice is unacceptable, and therefore there is hope for the termination of their funding and the closure of "gender clinics", not to mention the trials of would-be specialists engaged in such experiments.

In the meantime, the decision of the British court has already entered into force, and medical officials announced the suspension of experiments for teenagers under 16 years old. Thanks to Kira Bell.

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