Doctors in Penza saved a pregnant woman with 90% lung damage

Doctors in Penza saved a pregnant woman with 90% lung damage
8 April , 15:29Incidents
Doctors of the Penza Regional Clinical Center for Specialized Types of Medical Care rescued a pregnant woman with COVID-19, whose lungs were 90% infected with the virus.

The patient was seven months pregnant when she felt unwell and consulted a doctor. Doctors diagnosed her with bilateral polysegmental pneumonia with lung damage of more than 90% due to coronavirus infection, the press service of the government of the Penza regionreports.

To save the baby and mother, it was decided to have a cesarean. Mom was taken by special transport to the city perinatal center, where she underwent surgery in Meltzer's box. Then the patient was transferred to the "covid hospital". The child remained in the perinatal center under the supervision of doctors. He still needed care, since he was born prematurely.

After a month of intensive therapy, the patient recovered completely and saw her baby for the first time. He was completely healthy, the coronavirus was not transmitted to him. Now, nothing threatens the life of the child or the life of the mother. It is noted that this is the fourth baby in the recovered.

In the region, at the end of last year, the coronavirus was detected in 214 pregnant women. None of their children got the disease.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health developed recommendations on how to treat pregnant women who have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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