An underground crematorium for the incineration of human remains found in Kurgan

An underground crematorium for the incineration of human remains found in Kurgan
An underground crematorium for the incineration of human remains found in Kurgan
8 November 2021, 17:57IncidentsPhoto: Никита Телиженко / journalists found the second underground crematorium in Kurgan, where medical waste, amputated human organs and bodies of dead animals were secretly burned at night.

The first clandestine crematorium in Kurgan was found two years ago after numerous complaints from citizens, outraged by the stench and fumes emanating from the underground stoves. It was located on the site between two large city hospitals - the center of the V.I. Ilizarov and City Clinical Hospital No. 2.

After the journalists turned to the prosecutor's office, officers of the supervisory department found a stove, used test tubes and a container with internal organs in the abandoned dilapidated workshops, splashed with blood.

As a result of the investigation, Andrei Malkov, director of New Ecological Company LLC, was fined 40 thousand rubles in a criminal case on “violation of the rules for the circulation of environmentally hazardous substances and waste” (part 1 of Article 247 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and the authorities reported that the underground medical crematorium was liquidated...

However, in October this year, new complaints began to appear on social networks about the stench in the area of the village of Ryabkovo on the outskirts of Kurgan.

“Such fumes, smoke every day. You can't go outside, you can't open the windows! We are suffocating, ”residents complained.

Leaving the site where the stench emanated from, the journalists found dozens of bags with bloody sheets, bags with entrails, expired medicines and an improvised oven made of concrete rings in a former technical and repair base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation near Omskaya Street.

The incineration of medical waste took place at night.

“Returning to the hangar in the evening, by 22:00, the correspondent saw that the furnaces began to work actively, the entire space around the workshop was filled with a disgusting sweetish-medicinal smell, sparks and tongues of fire escaped from the chimney, thick smoke was spreading along the ground,” - notes the edition.

On the night of November 4, at the request of the editorial board, representatives of the environmental prosecutor's office, a mobile laboratory and an escort vehicle from the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived in the hangar. They found the "oil painting": the oven was working with might and main, but the workers said that no one would be allowed into the territory without the director. When the security forces got to the site, they saw that the entire shop was littered with test tubes with blood, yellow and red sacks marked with category B biological waste. Some of them bore the mark “Tobolsk Central District Hospital”. A container with amputated human organs was also found there. Regional authorities have not yet commented on the scandal with the underground burning of medical waste.

Earlier, a similar incident was recorded in Kostroma. Employees of a private funeral agency were convicted of planting severed human organs in the coffins of "unclaimed" old people who died in nursing homes.

A few months earlier, a dump of postoperative medical waste was found at the city cemetery. The sweet smell emanating from rotting human flesh attracted bears to the cemetery. As a result, the authorities were forced to temporarily close the cemetery for visits, and invite a brigade of hunters to the cemetery to catch predators. The law enforcers did not find the intruders who set up a dump of hospital biological waste in the human churchyard.

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