A bus in the Sverdlovsk region crushed six workers to death (VIDEO)

A bus in the Sverdlovsk region crushed six workers to death (VIDEO)
A bus in the Sverdlovsk region crushed six workers to death (VIDEO)
10 June 2021, 09:54IncidentsPhoto: СК Свердловской области
In the Sverdlovsk region, a service bus rammed the factory gates and entered a bus stop, killing six people.

An emergency in the closed town of Lesnoy (formerly Sverdlovsk-45) happened at about 7.20 am. As reported by E1.ru, a bus carrying workers passed the T-junction, rammed the gates of the plant and crushed six people - employees of the local plant, who were going to work.

Photo:СК Свердловской области

About 15 more people were injured and were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. Some of them from the forestry medical unit will be transported to regional hospitals.

"The preliminary cause of the accident is considered to be the failure of the brakes of the bus traveling along route No. 4", - Mediazona reports.

The prosecutor's office began checking the incident.

Interfax, citing data from the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports that the bus apparently had no brakes when it was driving down the mountain. The overclocked bus rammed the gates of the enterprise and swept away the workers who were standing at the bus stop. For many, by the time of the emergency, the shift had already ended, and they were going home.

“According to preliminary data, the bus did not pass service in a timely manner, and its brakes failed. The driver failed to keep the car, and it flew to the stop”, - said the agency's interlocutor.

After the incident with the bus, the regional prosecutor's office ordered an inspection of the technical condition of all buses in the region.

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