Scammers set up 1,500 fake media sites to steal personal data

Scammers set up 1,500 fake media sites to steal personal data
Scammers set up 1,500 fake media sites to steal personal data
10 November 2020, 10:28IncidentsPhoto: Мой портал
The RBC editorial staff issued an appeal to readers asking them not to trust the fake sites of the Internet resource and not to enter personal data so as not to become victims of scammers.

Computer security experts warned about the incredible activity of fraudsters on the Internet, creating fake websites of well-known companies.

According to RBC, in the last week alone, attackers have registered about a hundred clones of the site of this news resource, and since June their number has reached 1,500. The purpose of the activity is simple: on fake pseudo-media sites, scammers try to lure users' personal data and money.

“From November 2 to 8, cybercriminals registered about a hundred fraudulent sites imitating the design and content of the RBC website,” the publication notes, citing data from Infosecurity, the information security division of Softline. According to experts, all fake sites have a rbk-***. Ru domain. All fake resources published information about the allegedly open "unified state project for making money". To "get money", users are asked to enter their personal data on the sites. In fact, the purpose of the fraudulent sites is the opposite: to extort money from Russians.

After filling out the form, the site visitor receives a phone call from scammers who persuade the client to transfer money for trading on the exchange. Advertising of fake sites disguised as media information resources is distributed by email and through social networks.

Earlier it was reported that during the coronavirus pandemic, Internet scammers have become extremely active around the world. In Russia, pressure has intensified many times over from the so-called "prison call centers" housed in correctional institutions and receiving huge profits from deceiving Russians.

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