The constructors of a military hospital in Novosibirsk were not paid for the work

The constructors of a military hospital in Novosibirsk were not paid for the work
The constructors of a military hospital in Novosibirsk were not paid for the work
12 June 2020, 23:55IncidentsPhoto:
The constructors of a military hospital in Novosibirsk complained that they were not paid for their work. They worked at the facility day and night. The contractor owed nearly 4.5 million rubles.

The construction contractor - the metropolitan company LLC NZhS - declares that it has questions about the quality of work. "For all the time we have received only a thousand rubles in advance", - she told the publication infopro54 Brigadier Michael Miroshnichenko. According to him, about 500 workers were involved in the facility, but none of them were paid in full. First, the workers were told about the frozen payments from the Ministry of Defense, then they completely stopped responding when they closed the debts. According to Miroshnichenko, the two construction crews did not pay the promised 140 thousand, almost another 4.3 million owed to specialists installing ventilation at the facility. Builders wrote a statement to the police.

Director of the contracting company Natalya Basantseva explained that all advances to the workers were paid according to the contract. But the bulk of the salaries were not closed because the work was done poorly, part had to be redone. The object is still in operation. “When the customer accepts the work, signs the documents and pays the funds, the promised payments will be closed to all employees”, - she said. According to the representative of GLOT LLC subcontractor Alexander Sulima, they plan to sign the closing documents next week, after which the funds for the work will go to the organization’s account, and she will already pay the remaining wage arrears. According to him, all workers were informed about possible delays, units of workers began to panic. In his opinion, the work was performed efficiently, the contractor accepted them.

A military hospital with 160 beds was completed on May 15. It took almost a month and a half to build it. The hospital is intended for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, primarily from among the military personnel. In the country as a whole, at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic, 16 multifunctional military hospitals in various regions were quickly built for 1.6 thousand places. Medical centers will also be used after the pandemic.

On June 8, in Russia, 4.4 thousand military men recovered from coronavirus, but 1.5 thousand with a positive diagnosis remain under the supervision of doctors.

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