In Simferopol the sewage flowed from the taps instead of the water

In Simferopol the sewage flowed from the taps instead of the water
In Simferopol the sewage flowed from the taps instead of the water
14 September 2020, 19:02Incidents
In Crimea, already suffering from drought, there was a new "water" disaster.

The head of the “Water of Crimea” enterprise Vladimir Bazhenov said that on one of the streets of Simferopol “because of private buildings” the water supply was damaged, and this led to the fact that sewage from the cesspools was flowing from the taps.

- The section of the street is not sewed at all. All there are in the cesspools. Naturally, they violated the integrity of our water conduit. Upon receipt of the signal, we immediately turned off the water supply. The people from the tap continued to run liquid, but in this case, not mine, but from the cesspools, - quotes the words of Bazhenov "Crimea.Realii".

The head of "Water of Crimea" promised to fix the accident within a day. He clarified that "all services", including "search engines with equipment", had gone to the site.

- There is a pipe, they have already taken the bay there. But such a unique situation has occurred, which has never happened in our life in our practice, when, when the integrity of the water conduit was violated, sewage was sucked in there. We will do everything by the end of the day, ”Bazhenov reported.

It should be noted that from September 7 in Simferopol, Bakhchisarai and Simferopol districts, as a result of drought, the shallowing of reservoirs began the most severe - the third in a row - stage of limiting water supply. The Crimean government has warned residents to prepare for a "worst-case scenario." Earlier, the head of the peninsula, Sergei Aksyonov, assumed that the Russian Federation could recognize the situation with the water supply to Crimea as an emergency. He also stressed that the current year has become one of the driest in one and a half hundred years.

The UN responded to the problem of the Crimean water supply. They said that the responsibility for providing the peninsula with drinking water should be shared by Russia and Ukraine.

“The right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation has been recognized by the UN General Assembly as one of the human rights necessary for a full life and the full enjoyment of all human rights,” said Elizabeth Throssell, spokeswoman for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Let us recall that Ukraine stopped supplying water to the territory of Crimea after Crimea became part of Russia in 2014.

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