After a downpour, rivers near Yalta overflowed the banks

After a downpour, rivers near Yalta overflowed the banks
After a downpour, rivers near Yalta overflowed the banks
18 June 2021, 13:15IncidentsPhoto: ФАН
For six hours in Yalta, the monthly norm of precipitation fell, which led to overflowing the banks of local rivers. In some areas, more than a month's norm was spilled.

"From midnight to 6 in the morning, 42 millimeters fell. On Ai-Petri 84 millimeters of precipitation is more than the monthly norm (72 millimeters)", - reports the Crimean Hydrometeorological Center.

Forecasters predict that the rains in Yalta, Evpatoria, Sevastopol and Alushta will stop only in the afternoon. The cyclone will move to the southwest.

According to the head of the Yalta administration Yanina Pavlenko, the flooding affected the Krymenergo economic zone.

"If it is flooded, then we will be left without light", - stated Pavlenko. She pointed out that mudflows had melted in Alupka and that point flooding of basements was observed.

Photos and videos from local residents appeared on social networks, which show that in some places the rivers overflowed their banks.

It's worth reminding that on the eve of the Crimea, and so suffering from the "water" problem, was left without drinking water due to downpours. Kerch suffered the most, its streets literally turned into rivers - it was possible to move only either by swimming or by boat.

In total, in the east of Crimea, during the downpour, almost two monthly norms of precipitation fell - 82 millimeters, an emergency regime was introduced there. The flooded were 300 private and apartment buildings, the Kerch hospital.

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