“Children were waiting for an explosion at school…” How schoolchildren were evacuated in Novosibirsk

“Children were waiting for an explosion at school…” How schoolchildren were evacuated in Novosibirsk
“Children were waiting for an explosion at school…” How schoolchildren were evacuated in Novosibirsk
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Recent events show that the leadership of Russian schools is tired of responding to reports of mining.

As you know, another wave of "mining" schools has swept across Russia. Surely this is due to the militaristic hysteria in which the Russian authorities have been lately, deliberately infecting the layman with it. It turns out that despite all the “final warnings”, instructions sent out and other measures, neither teachers nor children really know what to do in such cases, where to run, where to hide from danger, even if it is false. Novosibirsk businessman Yevgeny Pyatkovsky writes about this in his post:

“Our school was mined.

The following is a detailed retelling of my first-grader daughter.

Someone walked into the classroom and whispered something to the teacher.

The siren sounded for 1 second, then turned off.

The teacher led everyone to the first floor to get dressed, all the briefcases remained in the classroom.

10 minutes have passed.

The usual school bell rang, as if the lesson was over.

When the children were dressed, they were again taken to the classroom to collect their belongings and briefcases.

Another 10 minutes passed.

After that, they went down the hall again. The children were told to call their parents and say that there was an emergency and that they urgently need to pick up the children from school, they explained that the school was mined. Panic set in, the children began to cry and hysteria.

While the children called their parents, another 5 minutes passed.

My wife went to school. After 5 minutes, she saw high school students coming from there.

After another 5 minutes, the wife was at school, took her daughter.

Three people in uniform stood behind the fence, they did not participate in the evacuation.

The physical education teacher and director remained at the school.

There were no firemen.

One girl did not get through to her parents, and my wife brought her home.

I have a lot of questions.

  1. Why, during the training evacuation of children in the fall, were the children taken out of the school fence, and when there was a real threat, they were left at school? Or when checking other rules?
  2. Why were the security forces behind the fence? They were scared, right?
  3. Why didn't the teachers take the children outside? Why weren't they counted?

Here's an evacuation plan for you, damn it for free.

1. The siren turns on. Doesn't turn off. In between, emergency evacuations are reported. If there is no siren, then 2 short + 1 long calls are given. Endlessly. The fire brigade is being evacuated.

2. Before taking the students out, the teacher is obliged to check whether there is smoke in the corridors where he will lead the children. Run straight.

3. Build children, briefcases and leave clothes in place.

4. Take a cool magazine.

5. Primary school students are the first to be taken outside.

Then the students of the upper floors are taken out. Strictly on the outer edge, inner - for firefighters.

6. The teacher builds the children, appoints the trailing one (the most physically strong children), the teacher himself must go ahead of the chain.

7. Children are wearing masks. The children put their hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them. That way you can keep up and keep up.

8. Children are taken outside to a safe place.

9. The teacher conducts a roll call of the children according to the class-book.

The maximum evacuation time is 6 minutes. Not 20, and certainly not 40!

You will now begin to say that it is cold outside...

The director is obliged to agree in ADVANCE with the owners of nearby buildings about the placement of children there during a fire or emergency.

In extreme cases, you can just take your clothes with you, and get dressed in a safe place.

After all, guys, it's better to treat a cold for a week than to order a small closed coffin.

So that's what I'm talking about: in my opinion, in our state there are solid incompetent bums.

Seriously... Why weren't there firemen? Why didn't the police cordon off the perimeter of the building? Why wasn't there an ambulance? Why were the children waiting for the bombing of the school at school?

It would be normal to fire policemen, firefighters to court, deprive the school principal of the bonus...

But what will actually happen in this country?

Everyone will be put on trial when the real explosion occurs, and hundreds of parents will bury hundreds of small coffins.

And now the funniest thing... my wife is the chairman of the maternity committee in the class. Parents of other students began to call her and ask what they should do? How to take time off from work? What if they don't get fired?

And the coolest thing: “I just went home, should I come back? Let them bring him to a stop, I will meet him.

And at school 213 Pervomayki did not carry out the evacuation at all. The dog handler with the dog walked around the classrooms and looked for explosives while the children were studying. They say that this was done according to the order of the Department of Education and the FSB.

It's even more fun in Krasnoyarsk. Last week, two evacuations were carried out, but this one was not carried out, because it is still not confirmed ...

Oh, I feel, Russian, maybe, will bring this country ...

Well, it doesn't matter how many times the school was evacuated. The lives of children are important, and not the fact that a couple of hundred people for the first time in their lives were torn off their ass from the chair... Or am I wrong?

"A country of not frightened idiots" (c) Abdulov, film "Genius".

Why would anyone die

For us to see him

So many different "whys".

God left in this world!

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