Former head of the Volgograd ICR accused of arson at the governor's house

Former head of the Volgograd ICR accused of arson at the governor's house

20 October , 10:47IncidentsPhoto: Mash
Former head of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Volgograd Region, Mikhail Murzayev, was charged in the final version in the case of the arson of the house of Governor Andrey Bocharov. Murzayev does not admit his guilt.

"Our client has been charged with the final version. He did not fully admit his guilt. The interrogation of Mikhail Kanduevich is essentially planned by the investigation for October 26", - said the lawyer of the accused Vladimir Sementsov to TASS.

The general was arrested together with the Volgograd businessman Vladimir Zubkov in the case of the arson of Bocharov's house.

Earlier it was reported that on the night of November 16, 2016, unknown persons in Volgograd entered the territory of a private household owned by the governor and his family and tried to set fire to the wall of the house. Later, those involved in the crime were identified - the former tenant of the Central Market of the city, Yevgeny Remezov, was the leader of the five malefactors.

Note that in 2019, two single pickets were held in the center of Volgograd, held by the wives of the former convicted head of the Volga interdistrict department of the Federal Drug Control Service Pavel Stepanenko and the Volgograd drug police officer Alexander Kaverin, who was mediated in the case. They indicated that they had gone to the rally to draw the attention of the federal authorities to their husbands' sentences, and believe that after the arrest of the former head of Murzayev, who, they claimed, had put their husbands in jail, giving instructions to the investigators, they had a chance of a reconsideration these, in their opinion, fabricated cases.

Let us recall that at the end of 2018, anonymous Telegram channels wrote that Murzayev had become one of the high-ranking security officials who fell under massive resignations.

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