MH17 accident: where did the fried parrots fly

MH17 accident: where did the fried parrots fly
MH17 accident: where did the fried parrots fly
21 April 2020, 11:23Incidents
An independent technical expert Yuri Antipov continues an in-depth distance dispute with an international investigation about the case of a Malaysian Boeing that crashed over Donbass.

We remind you that according to his version, the liner was shot down not by a Buk missile, but by an explosion of bombs planted inside the aircraft.

Yuri Antipov

In previously published materials, the facts showed that Holland investigators (JIT) were not pure фтв scrupulous in their actions. Moreover, they performed very strange manipulations with the wreckage of the aircraft, modifying it for the sake of their version of the crash.

Here, for example, one of the main material evidence is the front rear pressure bulkhead. As a result of an explosion in the cockpit, it was destroyed to several parts. They were found, brought to Holland and ... pulled back the torn metal again, as if the whole frame was almost not injured by shelling of the Buk missile.

And in fact, from the small striking elements of the rocket the bulkhead was not supposed to crumble, like a rotting board. But the investigation did not want to show the breaks. Then I would have to explain the reason for such a deplorable state reinforced with special brands of steel parts.

Последняя точка, когда самолёт в полёте ещё не был разрушен и зафиксированная FDR (самописцем) находилась южнее села Петропавловка

But today we’ll talk about even greater oddities. As you know, the last point when the plane in flight was not yet destroyed and recorded by the FDR (recorder) was located south of the village of Petropavlovka. See photo No. 1.

It was to the village of Petropavlovka that the first fragments of the liner fell from the sky. And these were charred carcasses of parrots, a collection of which was transported by one of the passengers on this flight. The most interesting thing is that despite the fact that the last mark of the aircraft (FDR) was SOUTHERN the village of Petropavlovka, a lot of debris and parts of the plane fell NORTHERN. Immediately, all sorts of "specialists" JIT explained this by strong winds at a height that blew away flying debris away from the flight path. Or it can be assumed that fried parrots themselves flew several kilometers from south to north, like spring migratory birds.

Голландцы черным по белому написали в своём отчёте (стр. 56), что в зоне №1 (Site 1), а это зона как раз севернее Петропавловки, что на обломках НЕ ОБНАРУЖЕНЫ ПРИЗНАКИ ВОЗДЕЙСТВИЯ ОГНЯ

At the same time, the Dutch wrote in black and white in their report (p. 56) that they were in zone No. 1 (Site 1), and this zone was just north of Petropavlovka, that there were NO SIGNS of FIRE EXPOSURE found in the wreckage (see photo No. 2 - typical phrase circled in yellow oval). It turns out that the bird collector drove them already fried in a pan - probably in order to pamper the "delicacy" of relatives in Malaysia.

Remember these Dutch letters and move on.

As soon as it became apparent to me from the totality of numerous facts that the reason for the collapse of MH17 was an internal explosion (explosions) on board, and not the mythical Buk, I wrote to one of the central newspapers the rationale for the trip to the crash site, good, the journalists of this newspaper have repeatedly traveled to the crash site to write their reports. What did I follow? If the plane began to fall apart from an internal explosion, it means that the wreckage from the passenger compartment should have been among the first to leave the plane and begin to fall before approaching the village of Petropavlovka and there should have been traces of thermal effects on them.

The newspaper agreed on a business trip, but the editorial board of the Communist Party sent to Petropavlovka its journalist Nikolai Varsegov, who visited Donbass several times, including the site of MH17 crash.

По приезду в Петропавловку Варсегов сразу же нашёл большое количество обломков MH17

Upon arrival in Petropavlovka Varsegov immediately found a large number of debris MH17, unclaimed by "meticulous and scrupulous" detectives from JIT. See photo No. 3.

But, according to my roadmap, when substantiating a business trip, the village of Petropavlovka was not as interesting to search as the area to the west of it - where the collapsing plane dropped its first material evidence. And Nikolai Varsegov went to the fields. It was April 2018 ...

Место обнаружения обломков оказалось северо-западнее села Петропавловка.
Местные механизаторы были свидетелями поисков Николая Варсегова
Поролоновая подушка от кресла МН17

After a few days, we got exactly what we were looking for. Photo No. 4 shows the location of the debris. As you can see, this is northwest of the village of Petropavlovka. And to the village another plane to fly about 2 km (!!!). In photo No. 5 (screen shot with video) involuntary witnesses to the journey and finds of Nikolai Varsegov through fields and weights near Petropavlovka. These are local machine operators. So what did Nikolai Varsegov find in the thick grass of a forest strip dividing the fields near Petropavlovka? Photo 6 shows the upholstery (cover) of the chair and a foam pillow. Here was the chair itself from MH17.

Наша главная находка - обгорелые воздуховоды с Боинга

And literally a few dozen meters from the chair were found CHARGED (!!!) ducts from flight MH17 (see photo No. 7).

A detailed analysis of the evidence found will be made in the next article, and now just a small remark. As I said above, JIT and others like them explained the flight of debris north of the flight path of MH17 by winds at altitude. And now a visual FACT, not empty words: a heavy passenger seat weighing more than a dozen kilograms fell from the sky in one place next to a weightless duct (weighing several tens of grams). Wind, speak? Oh well. Or the wings, like fried parrots, grew wings and it miraculously moved in space.

But the main thing is that we found charred fragments of the liner. Of the very one that, according to investigators, "did not experience the heat exposure" ...

We will consider the other conclusions of the investigation in the next article.

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