New footage of tortures from the Yaroslavl colony published online

New footage of tortures from the Yaroslavl colony published online

23 February , 21:15Incidents
New videos of torture of prisoners in the Yaroslavl correctional colony No. 1 have appeared on the network. These videos were made public by the foundation, which is recognized as a foreign agent in Russia.

The previously unpublished videos were filmed back in 2016-2017. As noted in the message, one of the prisoners present in the footage then died in a Rybinsk hospital . His death was not investigated by local investigators, and no criminal case was initiated.

At the same time, the second prisoner, who is being bullied by the wardens on the recording, willingly confirms that the recording was made in August 2016 - just a couple of weeks before he was released from the colony. During searches in the cells of the prisoners, the wardens threw the Koran on the floor of the prisoner. He in response entered into a skirmish with them, for which he was escorted to the so-called "class with desks." This room has repeatedly appeared in the video evidence of torture in the Yaroslavl colony. The prisoner was stripped naked. For several minutes he is trying to prove to the jailers that it was they who provoked him, he refers to the Criminal Procedure Code, to the Constitution, but the wardens do not listen to him. They laid the prisoner on a desk and began to beat him naked with truncheons, in spite of any cries or pleas for mercy on the part of the prisoner.

After his release, the prisoner was hospitalized. Then he spent another two weeks in the hospital.

The second published video reveals the torture of Georgian citizen Vazha Bochorishvili. After being severely beaten in April 2016, he was placed in solitary confinement and tried to be treated by local doctors. But the beatings were so severe that the doctors could not cope with their consequences - the prisoner had to be hospitalized in the Rybinsk hospital. There, doctors diagnosed the prisoner with multiple beatings. He needed a liver transplant , which he, as a citizen of Georgia, could not count on. He died in the hospital on May 9. The relatives then stated that the body was given to them a few months after his death, without internal organs. Now that the relatives have evidence of cruel treatment of the prisoner, they intend to seek to bring to justice those responsible for the death of Bochorishvili.

It's worth reminding that over the past four years, 123 former employees of Russian colonies have been convicted in Russia for using violence against prisoners. Half of them got off with fines or suspended sentences, the rest were sentenced to the very minimum punishment - 3-3.5 years in prison. At the same time, a third of the accused employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service were tried for crimes that ended in the death of a prisoner, or causing grievous harm to his health. Earlier, Novaya Gazeta published several videos of the beating of prisoners in the Yaroslavl colony No. 1. One of them shows how Yevgeny Makarov is being tortured, the other shows the colony officers lining up to beat the convicts passing by. After the publication of these records, 14 former employees of the Yaroslavl FSIN were arrested.

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