Two trains derailed after a collision in St. Petersburg (VIDEO)

Two trains derailed after a collision in St. Petersburg (VIDEO)

29 July , 09:42IncidentsPhoto:
Two freight trains and an empty carriage derailed after colliding with each other at high speed in the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg. As a result of the accident two people were injured.

The incident occurred at half past three at the Kupchinskaya freight railway station, the Emergencies Ministry said. After the collision of trains on the railway, the movement of passenger trains was adjusted. Now they run on reserve rails.

After the collision, the rails were torn out of the ground, a section of the railway was damaged. According to the local newspaper Fontanka, several versions are being considered of why the trains collided: from the derailment of one of the trains from the rails to the failure of tracks on this section of the railway.

As a result of the collision, two were injured: one of them refused to go to the hospital, the second was hospitalized, writes TASS.

The press service of the Russian Railways noted that the specialists of the Oktyabrskaya Railway are eliminating the consequences of the train derailment on the spot.

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