Hurricane wind brought heavy snowfall to the Northern Kuriles

Hurricane wind brought heavy snowfall to the Northern Kuriles
Hurricane wind brought heavy snowfall to the Northern Kuriles
29 December 2020, 13:06IncidentsPhoto: АСТВ
The December cyclone covered the Kurils' island of Paramushir with snow. In some parts of Severo-Kurilsk, the snowdrifts reach two meters in height.

"There is a strong blizzard outside, zero visibility. All power and heat supply facilities are operating normally. In some parts of the city, the snowdrifts reach two meters; heavy equipment cannot yet go to clear the roads due to zero visibility. As soon as it calms down a little, we will begin to clear the roads", - quotes Interfax as the representative of the administration of the North Kuril region.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, kindergartens are now closed, and schools are on vacation.

“Abnormal frosts are seven degrees below average long-term values”, - noted by forecasters in the north of Sakhalin. At night, the temperature in the region will be 36-37.5 degrees below zero. Social networks indicate that the thermometer drops below 40 degrees.

"For the second day in the city of Severo-Kurilsk, Sakhalin Region, a blizzard has been raging. The wind reaches 10-15 meters per second, the street is chilly, uncomfortable, uncomfortable, I don't want to go anywhere”, - a resident of Severo-Kurilsk told the Zvezda TV channel.

Special equipment cannot enter the roads due to zero visibility.

A video posted by ASTV shows a townswoman having to make her way through huge snowdrifts. However, local residents cannot be surprised by such an abundance of snow.


"This is a normal Kuril winter. The roads are covered with snow, visibility is zero, everything is as usual. It's just that the last December were not so snowy, so some of them relaxed", - the Kurils' residents told the publication.

Let us note that according to Sakhalin weather forecasters, the blizzard will last in the region for at least another day.

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