SOTA* journalist beaten up in St. Petersburg

SOTA* journalist beaten up in St. Petersburg
SOTA* journalist beaten up in St. Petersburg
31 May, 15:20Incidents
The SOTA * portal indicated that their employee Pyotr Ivanov (pictured) was beaten allegedly because of the material about the poisoning in the Legislative Assembly.

In St. Petersburg, two unidentified people attacked a SOTA * employee near his house, the publication reports in the telegram channel. The authors of the publication claim that Ivanov was knocked to the ground, beaten, and then asked: “Are you going to create more ***?”

The portal writes that, according to preliminary data, Ivanov has a concussion. He was taken by ambulance to the Mariinsky hospital.

The press service of the St. Petersburg branch of the Yabloko party indicated that Ivanov was an employee of their press service, and the deputies were going to go to the police, demanding a criminal case be opened, RBC writes .

According to representatives of SOTA *, Ivanov could have been attacked because of his recent material about the mass poisoning of candidates for the youth parliament of the city in the dining room of the Mariinsky Palace. The portal wrote that on May 21, during a banquet in the dining room, several participants in the second round were poisoned. SOTA* argued that the poisoning was allegedly due to cutlets. Then it became known that only one contestant was taken to the hospital.

Ivanov himself got into parliament, and after the beating he was informed that he could not go to the next round of selection.

*portal founder Alexandra Ainbinder is included in the register of foreign agents

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