Investigators cannot bring key charges against Furgal for two months

Investigators cannot bring key charges against Furgal for two months
Investigators cannot bring key charges against Furgal for two months
31 August 2020, 16:26IncidentsPhoto:
For two months, the investigation has not been able to bring the main charge to the former governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergei Furgal, who was arrested in the 15-year-old case of contract killings. It concerns the murder of businessman Yevgeny Zori.

Earlier, the regional prosecutor's office recognized the ex-governor as not involved in this case. Now only the Moscow City Court can cancel its decision, but for now it is impossible to bring Furgal to justice in this case, writes Kommensant.

Furgal was arrested on suspicion of organizing two contract killings and one attempted murder, including the murder of businessman Yevgeny Zori, who was involved in trade and was killed in Khabarovsk in 2004. They had a long-standing conflict with Furgal. For a long time they could not share the shop of the old factory of reinforced concrete products in Khabarovsk. When the court sided with Zorya and proved his right to the plant, Furgal, according to the investigation, eliminated the competitor.

After his murder, Furgal was detained. Witnesses testified against him. However, two days later the suspects were released, since there was no evidence of their guilt in the case. The criminal case was dropped. Now, after the resumption of the investigation, it was not possible to bring charges against Furgal in the Zori case due to the decision of the investigator of the city prosecutor's office on Furgal's innocence. Now the Investigative Committee intends to assess the actions of the investigator.

The source of the publication, who was familiar with the course of the investigation, said that Furgal bribed high-ranking security officials in the region, paying them almost a monthly salary. In return, they leaked information to him about the progress of the investigation of his cases, hid evidence and allowed him to influence witnesses. This may be related to the termination of the investigation against him in due time, the source of the publication believes. Now several former high-ranking security officials have testified against Furgal, claiming their corruption ties with him. However, it is impossible to simply reject the decision of the prosecutor's office on Furgal's innocence - this must be done by the court after the request of the prosecutor or investigators investigating the case. They will need to justify why a new investigation in this case is necessary. Furgal himself can appeal this decision if it is not made in his favor. So, at the end of July, the Basmanny District Court of Moscow had already canceled the decision of the Khabarovsk prosecutor's office, but the defense side challenged this decision in the Moscow City Court.

Recall that Furgal was detained on July 9. After his arrest, protests began in the region, which continue to this day . Residents of the region are demanding the return of their governor. According to the Levada Center, Furgal is on the seventh line in the popularity rating of Russian politicians with the highest level of trust. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes Furgal was dismissed from his post because his popularity among citizens grew rapidly.

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