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"His back was broken, but his spirit was not broken." On the death of Sergei Mokhnatkin
One of the most famous and uncompromising Russian human rights defenders has died from the consequences of monstrous beatings in prison.
27 May
Former head of Chuvashia sued Putin
The former head of the Chuvash Republic, Mikhail Ignatiev, filed an administrative claim with the Supreme Court of Russia to challenge the early...
26 May
Nine regions have the protective costumes for a week only
In nine Russian regions, special protective suits from coronavirus for physicians will be enough for a week only. Dagestan, where the most critical...
NI Investigation: Adult Games around the school olympiads
This week in Russia, the first round of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren ends. Schools calculate the points that the children’s...
A tryout by a battle: how to receive the SNILS to obtain 10 thousand rubles per child
The presence of a SNILS (personal insurance policy number) of a child is one of the many conditions for each parent. If you don't have it, you need...
23 May
Housing for the military in Russia and in the world: why we should be ashamed of the "barracks" with the curtains"
Last week, news came out that members of the Taman Division were allocated new housing in the suburbs. In the plot of Channel One, they conducted a...
22 May
A medical registrar from Kirov was fired after complaints about a salary of 12 thousand rubles
The medical registrar of the hospital in Kirov was fired after the story of the 12 thousandth salary for April. Hundreds of patients passed through...