Opposition of Montenegro considers sanctions against Russia a mistake

Opposition of Montenegro considers sanctions against Russia a mistake
Opposition of Montenegro considers sanctions against Russia a mistake
1 September 2020, 10:03PoliticsPhoto: blog.sololaki.ru
Supporting Western sanctions against Russia was a mistake, says Zdravko Krivokapich, leader of the largest opposition coalition For the Future of Montenegro.

"We are a small state and at the global level we cannot have any influence, no matter how much we want it. It is known who mows and who carries water (Serbian proverb), so it is unacceptable that such a small state was the first to impose sanctions on the Russian Federation. I believe that this is a completely erroneous step, which led to many economic losses for our country. Just recall that we have exported wine Plantaze, as well as the tourists dominated the guests from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia", - RIA Novosti cited the words of Krivokapich.

Before that, Krivokapich told RIA Novosti that the closure of the borders of Montenegro for months due to the coronavirus for Russians (as well as for Serbs and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina) is an ill-considered step by the authorities, because it is the citizens of these countries that are the most numerous tourists. He also stressed that Russia "deserves better relations with Montenegro because of its historical ties and contribution to the country's economy".

Let us recall that the opposition of Montenegro after the parliamentary elections on August 30 signed an agreement on the creation of a parliamentary majority. According to the election results, the ruling Democratic Party of Specialists (DPS) won 35%, the largest opposition coalition "For the Future of Montenegro" - 32%. Thus, the opposition coalitions had only 41 seats in parliament, the ruling party only 30. For the first time in more than 30 years, the opposition received more votes than in the DPS of President Milo Djukanovic. The head of state refused to admit the defeat of his coalition.

Krivokapich, on the other hand, expressed confidence in the "fall of the regime" and that the majority of the seats that are behind the opposition will inevitably lead to a change of power.

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