"Put them behind the fencing, having just bread and water! Yulia Latynina advises Lithuania how to deal with refugees

"Put them behind the fencing, having just bread and water! Yulia Latynina advises Lithuania how to deal with refugees
"Put them behind the fencing, having just bread and water! Yulia Latynina advises Lithuania how to deal with refugees
2 August 2021, 13:45Politics
Opinions are divided over the radical advice of the famous publicist on social networks.

Novye Izvestia has already repeatedly reported on the dire situation in which little Lithuania finds itself due to the influx of illegal refugees who arrive in Belarus and cross the poorly equipped border between the two countries to find themselves in the territory of the European Union. It is no secret that this crisis was provoked by Lukashenko himself in response to Western sanctions against Belarus. Last week, Lithuania was even forced to introduce an extreme situation regime. In recent days, Lithuanian border guards have detained over a hundred illegal migrants from Belarus per day, while 81 illegal migrants were detained over the past year. In Lithuania itself, protests are already taking place - the country is not able to support such a number of migrants.

This topic is actively commented on by the Russian media, sometimes expressing the most exotic opinions. For example, the well-known publicist Yulia Latynina gave Lithuania a very radical advice on how to cope with the flow of illegal migrants fleeing from the Middle East in a live broadcast of Echo of Moscow. In her opinion, it is necessary to create such conditions of detention for them so that they themselves requested back:

To do this, you just need... every illegal violator... not put in a jail, for God's sake, just in some place surrounded by a fencing, give him a loaf of bread, two liters of water and put every additional one there. When the number of detainees exceeds 10 people per square meter, and the amount of food in the form of bread and water remains the same, then everyone who cannot remember where they came from and what their names are - all these wonderful people themselves will immediately express a desire to return to their homeland. And the new ones will mysteriously stop coming".

Publicist Alexander Skobov comments on this colleague's proposal:

“I understand that in some technical details the conditions described may not coincide with the conditions of detention in fascist concentration camps. But the image of a fascist concentration camp emerges here inevitably. Latynina offers conditions of detention in a Nazi concentration camp. Let us, in order to contain the Putin-Lukashenko threat, become a little fascists ourselves.

Similar motives sound systematically in Latynina's speeches. And I really can't understand why she doesn't have a natural inner prohibition: you can't do that, because you can't. What organ does she lack?

Yulia Latynina much and with gusto scoffs at the unprofessionalism of Putin's propaganda. But, as she herself likes to repeat, there are no strong Islamists - there is a weak West. Putin's propaganda is effective not because it is highly professional, but because it has Yulia Latynina at the opposite end..."

However, not everyone agrees with this point of view; many, and this is not surprising, supported Latynina. For example, Igor Toporkov, a resident of Ulyanovsk:

“What do you propose to do to Europe? Continue to accept people who don't want to respect her traditions? Who have a different mentality? There are not many refugees in Ulyanovsk. But I am constantly confronted with their reluctance to respect our culture. Not Europeans run to them, but they to Europe. It means that there is something wrong with their culture and mentality, they cannot improve their lives..."

The representative of the "injured party" Lithuanian Alex Ladens, although he does not agree with Latynina, also sees no other way out:

“Lithuania is swelling with refugees. Almost every day, Lukashenka drives buses full of refugees from Asia right to the Lithuanian border (mind you, not for free, but for very decent sums that they pay to Belarusians). For example, on Sunday, about 200 migrants entered Lithuania illegally. They do not want to live in temporary tent cities. Halal food is demanded, and the food that they don't like (they certainly don't get pork!) Is simply thrown away. They run away from their places of residence and wander in groups in Vilnius. There are many COVID-19 patients among them, they spread the virus around the capital. Lithuania spends huge sums from the budget on them, taking this money away from pensioners. Skobov, of course, is right: Latynina's recipe smacks of fascism. But what if hordes of people alien to us literally brazenly storm the border, knowing full well that no one will shoot or beat them with truncheons?"

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