And ends - to the water: Governor Vorobyov removed the discussion about the Chelyuskin forest from the social network

And ends - to the water: Governor Vorobyov removed the discussion about the Chelyuskin forest from the social network
And ends - to the water: Governor Vorobyov removed the discussion about the Chelyuskin forest from the social network
2 September 2020, 18:08Politics
In the comments under Vorobyov's post about his meeting with President Putin, residents asked if the meeting had discussed an acute issue that worries the Mytishchi people - the sale of the Chelyuskinsky forest, the only green zone in the 30th microdistrict, to private property for construction.

The answer was given, but did not "live" and until the morning...

Oleg Goryunov

Виктория догадалась сделать скриншот всей переписки с А.Воробьевым

Here is the chronology of this emergency: Viktoria Loginova, one of the activists of the movement for the return of the stolen forest (Chelyuskinsky - author's note), asked Andrey Vorobyov to its real owner - that is, the state:

For some reason, N.Yu. Kuzmina, head of the department of information interaction in the field of land relations, UZIO Go Mytishchi, answered Victoria's question personally addressed to Andrei Vorobyov.

UZIO is the Department of Land and Property Relations, so it is not possible to understand what exactly this official is doing - whether she is in charge of the press service of this department, or is the head - it is not clear. About the very title of the position, one can only say: butter, butter - "in the sphere of land relations... land and property relations".

Здесь - про то, что Челюскинский лес - это не лес вовсе...
Здесь - про то, что "земельный участок" был продан, но при этом ... "фактически всегда находился в пользовании" санатория "Подлипки"
Здесь - про то, что продажа Челюскинского леса никого не касается - пострадавших нет!
Печать, подпись, "прОтокл"

We spoke in such detail about N. Kuzmina's position for a reason: the fact is that her answer to the question asked NOT to her, but to the governor of the Moscow region, the official answered as confused as her position sounds, but we will quote it in full:

Пропажу обнаружили ночью, в 1:59 по московскому времени

And this is what happened to this discussion between the authorities and the people a few hours later: it, this discussion was gone, it simply disappeared from the social network:

Комментарии к исчезновению "дискуссии" о Челюскинском лесе

The theft of the "dialogue" between the people and the authorities did not go unnoticed:

What made Andrei Vorobyov clean up his page on the social network?

Strange as it may seem, but this answer of Mrs. Kuzmina conceals what Governor Vorobyov is so afraid of - it is the position of the Moscow Region authorities: Chelyuskinsky Forest, in their opinion, is not a forest, but a land plot with a cadastral number; the plot was sold, but even before that... "was in the use of the Podlipki sanatorium; NOBODY suffered from the sale of the "land plot".

Is all this true or not?

Let's try to figure it out together with our reader.

Свидетель поджога Челюскинского леса до сих пор "жив"
"Санитарная чистка" Челюскинского леса
Порубочный билет был выдан не на вырубку леса, а только сухостоя

The author of this article visited the scene and can say with full confidence: the Chelyuskinsky forest is a forest, or rather, what was left of it after it was sold, and the new owner began to "clean" it:

В Челюскинском лесу даже есть озеро необыкновенной красоты
Фотография леса со спутника
Тот самый "земельный участок", он же - Челюскинский лес

“The forest was cut down and burned, burned and cut down! We started sounding the alarm, even television came to us in 2016, the felling was stopped, and then we began to write requests and complaints to all instances. We were interested in the question: on what basis Chelyuskinsky Have they started to destroy the forest? ", Olga Pronenko, a fighter for forest conservation, said in an interview with NI.

На заднем плане - вторая водонапорная башня линии подачи питьевой воды в ... Москву
Раньше эти здания охранял вооруженный автоматом солдат или милиционер

There are two technical structures in the Stalinist Empire style next to the forest:

The armed guards were removed from the water towers back in the years of perestroika, but the status of these structures, as well as the sanitary protection zone, part of which is located just in the Chelyuskinsky forest, was not removed - this is a federal property, and only federals can make a decision on its fate...

В.Азаров даже не потрудился назвать причину отмены санитарной зоны

However, this did not prevent an official near Moscow - the head of Mytishchi Viktor Sergeevich Azarov, with one stroke of the pen, to remove the protection status from the federal territory, here is his order:

It is not for nothing that the head of the Mytishchi district of the Moscow region did not indicate in his Resolution No. 2112 the reasons for the protection status - well, what should he write? I, Azarov A.S. I am going to sell federal property - Chelyusinskiy Les - to a private construction company, but the protection status prevents me from doing this?

But only the intention to sell something that CANNOT be sold can be explained by the removal of the protection status by Mr. Azarov from the territory through which pipes carrying drinking water to Moscow pass.

Why was it IMPOSSIBLE to sell the "land plot" in the Chelyuskin forest?

Прокурор потребовал выполнить его Предписание в месячный срок

A detailed answer to this question is in the answer of the prosecutor's office, which our editorial office has, and the conclusions of the city prosecutor Yu.G. Chizhov are on the third page:

So, the prosecutor Yu.Chizhov demanded to terminate the contract of sale and purchase of the "land plot" of the Chelyuskinsky forest and punish those responsible for its conclusion within a month. It happened on August 12, 2016.

After 2.5 months, Mr. Azarov still found an opportunity to answer the prosecutor. The sale and purchase agreement cannot be terminated, because the buyer has already given the money, and the administration of the Mytishchi city district has already spent it...

Ответ В.Азарова на требование Городского прокурора явиться в прокуратуру тем, кто виновен в продаже леса
Требование Городского прокурора Чижова о "явке с повинной"

Incredible? Read for yourself:

Here it is necessary to tell how much the head of Mytishchi V. Azarov lost 102 hectares of forest.

Договор подписан на основании... Постановления самого В.Азарова

The head of Mytishchi sold it for ... 15% of the market value - that is, 102 hectares of forest "went away" for only 142 million rubles.

What prompted a civil servant to show such charity in relation to the buyer of state property?

Part of the answer to this question lies in who bought 102 hectares of forest for the price of an apartment in a prestigious area of Moscow.

From the contract of purchase and sale, we learn that the "land plot" was acquired by LLC "Sanatorium Podlipki". The founder of this LLC is another LLC - SK Novaya Zemlya LLC , and it was founded by Rybalchenko Svetlana Yuryevna - the sister of the oligarch Mikhail Fedyayev, who is the father of Pavel Mikhailovich Fedyayev, a State Duma deputy who is a member of the RF State Duma Committee on Construction...

Here is what biologist Julia Arie, one of the most active defenders of the Chelyuskinsky forest, thinks about this whole story:

“The story of Kush-Tau is similar to the story of the Chelyuskin forest: the national wealth was privatized, transferred to a private person... The people of Bashkiria are surprisingly peaceful. But people suddenly realized that this piece of land is their real homeland, which needs their protection. This is a wonderful example of how a peace-loving people awoke and rallied, and went out to protect their land from destruction.

I hope that the example from Kush-Tau brought to our consciousness the understanding that the idea of transferring national wealth (and consider the Motherland) to a private person is absurd in itself, and will awaken the readiness of each of us to protect - this forest, this park, each alley, each particular tree from any forces that intend to destroy what is given to each of us by birthright on this planet".


After mass protests against the "development" of Mount Kush-Tau by a private company, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General's Office to check the legality of the transfer of the state company to private hands. As reported by Novye Izvestia, today the Bashkir Shikhan Kush-Tau was given the status of a natural monument.

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