United Democrats have already found irregularities in the upcoming elections

United Democrats have already found irregularities in the upcoming elections
United Democrats have already found irregularities in the upcoming elections
3 September 2020, 15:08Politics
In preparation for the United Election Day, the redundant ballots are being actively printed in the Russian province to facilitate the falsification of municipal election results.

Andrey Pivovarov, executive secretary of the United Democrats Association, writes on his channel about how the regions are preparing for a single voting day:

“The elections are starting. Yesterday at about 10 pm in the city of Ivanovo, the electoral mafia woke up. Under cover of night, Ivanov's Election Commission received ballots from the printing house and delivered them to the city's territorial commissions. Of course, neither the members of the commissions, nor the candidates were notified of this.

Why was this done? A few days ago a similar story happened in the city of Shuya: there an independent member of the commission, Ilya Pigalkin, discovered that more ballots had been printed than the commission had ordered according to official documents.

This was done with one simple goal: at some point during early voting in territorial commissions or during a 3-day voting at polling stations, to substitute one vote for another. After the scandal, the extra ballots in Shuya were nevertheless destroyed. But it's scary to imagine how many cities there are.

Пересчёт бюллетеней в Шуе.

The guys from the United Democrats did not manage to find out yesterday how many extra ballots were brought to the Ivanov administration. This is a blatant mess. It is obvious that these early scams, as well as the introduction of a 3-day voting, are frantic attempts by the authorities to keep mandates. The falsification machine can no longer cope with the old methods.

Early voting starts on September 2 in many districts. There will be more and more scandals up to the voting day on September 13. Our headquarters in Ivanovo, Veliky Novgorod, Vladimir and Tatarstan will work at capacity for these two weeks. In many cities there are good chances and large coalitions of candidates. What happens in places where observers and human rights defenders cannot get?

The authorities take advantage of the helplessness and powerlessness of the residents of nursing homes and psycho-neurological boarding schools in order to get the desired result in the elections.

Breaking every rule imaginable. In such areas, they are not allowed to organize observation, and guests can hardly resist the will of the staff - often their passports are taken away. It is not surprising that in such areas the authorities are breaking records for their success in voting.

One of these stories was told by Andrei Sergeev, a participant in our United Democrats campaign project, from the village of Bogorodskoye, Ivanovo Region. Candidates are not allowed to campaign in the Bogorodsk boarding school for the elderly and disabled.

The boarding school employees motivate their actions by the fact that the institution has a rotational method. They say that because of the covid, medical personnel work in isolation in the boarding school for 30 days, there is no access to the residents and voters. It is clear that this is only a cover - in fact, isolation is not observed. The boarding school is retained as a guaranteed source of votes for the ruling party.

The day before yesterday, the participants of our project prepared a statement to the authorities on the problems of voting in such institutions. In a statement, they described how voters' rights are violated in and how such institutions fail to comply with such fundamental principles of electoral law as secrecy of the vote.

The candidates put forward a number of proposals on how to eliminate violations and return the voting process in boarding schools to the legal field.

From year to year, United Russia and their henchmen remain in power thanks to the most vulnerable, thanks to the weakest, thanks to those who most need help that the state cannot provide them.

I will not tire of repeating: when the power is held only by such methods, it’s worthless..."

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