Britain intends to confiscate frozen Russian assets

Britain intends to confiscate frozen Russian assets
Britain intends to confiscate frozen Russian assets
4 July, 10:07Politics
The British Treasury, the Foreign Office and the Home Office are currently working on the idea of confiscating Russia's frozen assets, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (pictured) said.

She noted that the Parliament should adopt a new law. However, it may not be necessary to amend the legislation.

- I support this concept. We are closely studying this issue. Canadians have actually just passed a law that we are working on with the Interior Ministry and the Treasury, but I certainly agree with this idea. We just need to work out all the details of this issue, - Truss quotes The Guardian as saying.

She clarified that the confiscated assets could be sent to affected individuals or the Ukrainian state.

Currently, the countries of the European Union and the United States are considering the possibility of confiscation of Russian assets. As a result of the summit of the leaders of the G7 member countries, the readiness to give these funds to Kyiv was announced.

Recall that at the end of May, the European Union for the first time published the amount of frozen assets associated with Russia. Thus, due to anti-Russian sanctions, $24.5 billion was blocked in the EU countries alone, and the amount of blocked assets of the Russian Federation around the world is about $300 billion, of which $100 billion is in the United States.

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