Jesus detained at Patriarch Ponds for dog walking will be judged on April 6

Jesus detained at Patriarch Ponds for dog walking will be judged on April 6
Jesus detained at Patriarch Ponds for dog walking will be judged on April 6
6 April 2020, 08:35Politics
The scandal surrounding the detention on April 4 at Patriarch Ponds in Moscow of a local resident Jesus Vorobyev who was walking a dog is gaining momentum on social networks. The police pushed the man into the car, leaving his dog alone on the street. On April 6 the Presnensky court has appointed a trial of Vorobyov.

Irina Mishina

The video that got into social networks clearly shows how a man asks for a dog to be returned to him, but the police, despite his requests, push the detainee into the car and take him away in an unknown direction. A frightened dog remains on the street alone ...

Concerning the detention of designer Vorobyov, a lot of the most fantastic versions immediately spread to the extent that he was sick with a coronavirus, walked in a park where, due to quarantine, it was forbidden to walk, which supposedly resisted the police.

The sad face of truth looks different.

Clothing designer Jesus Vorobyov, who lives on the Patriarchs, really walked near the house. He was not infected with coronavirus - he confirmed this on his Facebook. The same was confirmed by “NI” Vorobyov’s lawyer, coordinator of the human rights organization “Postcards” Alexey Pryanishnikov. “Jesus Vorobyov did not exceed the distance of 100 meters from the house, which is prescribed by new regulations when walking dogs. There is simply no other place for walking the dogs in the vicinity, ”the lawyer said.

This is how the director of the “Theater. Doc »Barbara Faer :

“He ( Vorobyov - editorial note ) lives on the Patriarchs, went out for a walk with a dog. He walked outside the house, but Patrick is fenced with striped film. At the same time, the house on Patrick is all under construction, there are a lot of workers. Jesus went behind the ribbon, the police broke it. And no matter how he shouted about the dog, they took him to the police station. He now faces 15 days. "

Local resident Tatyana Filippova explains: “The dog herself returned home, everything is fine with her. But there, on the Patriarchs, a terrible construction is underway, the small pavilion is tripled, all the inhabitants, among whom many famous people, are opposed. In addition, the square and the pond in 2004 were recognized as a monument of history and culture. But still they are being destroyed. There is no ban on being at this construction site, ribbons are not everywhere visible. ”

“There were no warning or prohibition signs and signs there. Went 70 meters from the house. And where else would he walk the dog? There are no other places. It turned out that he went to the construction site, where the pavilion was being rebuilt. He did not approach people, kept his distance. On the other hand, for some reason, in conditions of quarantine and self-isolation regime, other people were allowed to appear. These were workers, they drove building materials and moved freely, not respecting each other's distance. For some reason, the police had no complaints about them. For some reason, the police approached Vorobyov, who was walking the dog. He was asked to leave the fenced area. He asked him to return the dog to him, but the police, as can be seen on the set, rudely detained him and pushed him into the car, ”explained Alexei Pryanishnikov, a lawyer for the human rights organization Postcards , explained to NI .

Пёс Платон, хоть и испугался сначала, но до дома добрался самостоятельно.

We hasten to inform that the dog is all right. Clever dog Plato knew the way to the house and headed to the place where his owners live. Vorobyov’s wife took the dog near the house.

What is being incriminated to Jesus Vorobiev? Here is what it means in the protocol drawn up on it:

The citizen refused to offer to leave the fenced area, as he lives somewhere nearby. Began to use obscene language. I asked to leave the territory again, but the citizen again refused and sweared , ”reads the official report.

However, Vorobyov objects: “There was no abuse. Physical force was applied to me, and in the report they wrote “took by arms”. I asked them to give them the opportunity to take the dog home, but the animal was simply abandoned. I called them fascists, that's true. Everything is visible and audible in the video that someone was filming. ”

According to lawyer Alexei Pryanishnikov, Jesus Vorobyev was transported to different departments of the police department for more than 7 hours. First they brought to the Presnensky police department, then to Khamovniki, for some reason they forced them to undergo fingerprinting. What for? Vorobyov did not commit any offenses under criminal articles. He refused fingerprinting, and it was completely legal. “For several hours they drew up a protocol on violation of Art. 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses - “on disobedience to the lawful demand of the authorities”. Why took so long to issue? I think we could not decide what to do, because the situation is really controversial, ambiguous and very scandalous, ”said the lawyer.

In our opinion, and this is also noticed by Facebook users, there is evidence that the police have exceeded their official authority and used physical force. But no one is going to call them to account.

In the end, Jesus Vorobyov was released. “I was released from the Presnensky police department. Many thanks to the lawyers of human rights organizations, without them I would not be able to competently defend my rights there. Thanks to all those who care about me. On the sixth, a “court” was appointed. Today I really experienced on myself that Moscow turned into Auschwitz, when their children were taken away from their parents and scattered in different chambers. It happened yesterday with me, when they grabbed me on the Patriarchs, when I walked with my dog, they threw me on a bus, and she was thrown on the street. And they didn’t even give me home, they didn’t even give me a call to come for her. These are the Moscow orders now, ” Jesus Vorobyov writes on his Facebook.

It would seem that at this point you can put an end. However, lawyer Aleksey Pryanishnikov thinks differently: “There are so many questions about the actions of the police. Why were Vorobyev taken to different police stations in conditions of quarantine and self-isolation, where there are a large crowd of people, thereby exposing them to the risk of infection? Why were they acting contrary to the rules of quarantine? Why is it assigned the court is in a hurry? After all, by order of the Presidium of the Supreme Court, only cases without urgency are being considered now, even all the “political” cases have been terminated. ae violated the Supreme Court? "- is perplexed lawyer Alexei Prianishnikov.

In social networks, what happened and the actions of the police caused a heated debate.

“Lawlessness and abuse of authority. Emergencies and martial law were not declared, which means that the actions of the police and detention are illegal. In fact, the police committed a crime, and this is noticeable in the video. You can appeal this case to the ECHR, it is arbitrariness, mockery of animals, abuse of authority, ”writes journalist and blogger Maxim Novikovsky on Facebook .

Violation of human rights under the pretext and cover of an "emergency", apparently, is becoming the rule in Russia.

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