Coronavirus has exacerbated the chronic diseases of the capital's education

Coronavirus has exacerbated the chronic diseases of the capital's education
Coronavirus has exacerbated the chronic diseases of the capital's education
6 May 2020, 16:37Politics
On April 14, State Duma Deputy Speaker Petr Tolstoy demanded that the head of the Department of Education and Science of Moscow urgently intervene in the difficult situation caused by the introduction of distance learning.

A week later, the President of Russia took up the issue of education. Vladimir Putin created a working group...

Oleg Goryunov

The medical terminology in the title of this article was not chosen by chance. Life itself and amazing coincidences in numbers make writing about humanitarian problems in this way.

14 days, as everyone knows now, is the time of the incubation period of the coronavirus.

At the end of March 2020, in the capital of the Russian Federation, according to the order of I.I. Kalina, classes in schools were terminated and a transition to distance learning was carried out.

April 14 — that is, approximately two weeks after the “incubation period” of distance learning, State Duma Deputy Speaker Petr Tolstoy sends a letter to the head of the Moscow Department of Education and Science. It ends like this:

"I ask you, dear Isaac Iosifovich, to consider these questions and send the substantive clarifications to me as soon as possible".

This style of writing, of course, spoke about the importance and the need to urgently solve problems that P. Tolstoy was informed by his voters.

In the letter, the deputy named four "sores" of the capital’s education:

1. The transition to distance learning, without providing students with the necessary equipment.

2. Too frequent failures of electronic services.

3. Poor quality homework.

4. An alarming quality of personal data protection.

The deputy chairman of the State Duma posted the document we published on his page in social networks . Almost a month passed, but despite the high status, the deputy chairman of the State Duma did not receive a response from I. Kalina or did not publish ...

In the "News" section of the website of the Department of Education and Science of Moscow - there is also not a word about the solution or at least the search for solutions to 4 "ills" of the capital’s education - there are only innovations and achievements: about the berp competitions, the 3-D competition modeling, IT marathon, etc. etc.

Московские школьники повторят фронтовые блюда по рецептам из писем с войны

Perhaps the most “humane” news should be considered this one - about sports and cuisine: Moscow Center“ Patriot.Sport ”launches the action“ Victory Cuisine ”on social networks on May 4 .

However, “NI”, despite the fact that this information did not appear on the official news feed, managed to find out what was being prepared in the “kitchen” of the department headed by I. Kalina.

On April 27, a momentous event took place - at a meeting The chamber of chairmen of inter-district boards of directors was invited to all directors to abandon the incentive part of wages.

We already wrote that on April 24, Isaac Kalina sent to the directors of Moscow schools No. 113 and No. 1788 the article "NI" "Pay until ..." On the same day, a statement was sent to the Moscow Department of Education and Science, which stated the directors' request ... to lower salaries and strip monthly bonuses. And now, after 3 days, all directors are advised to do the same ...

An incredible event, according to education expert Ivan Vasilyev, entailing grave consequences for the entire school staff, not just the principal:

“Accordingly, the salaries of deputies will fall, because they are defined as a percentage of the director’s salary, and the maximum salary of all other employees depends on their salary, as you know, it will also change. In violation of all that is possible, salaries are set, but then one day to reduce salaries. Perhaps this was done in order, inter alia, to dampen the public outcry on your material that it was not the punishment of the directors of Ezdov and ..., but everyone decided so))). "

The well-known human rights activist and teacher Irina Kantorovich believes that the root of the problem lies in the system of remuneration of public employees and teachers in particular:

- The investigation of journalist NI Oleg Goryunov, which thundered the other day, refers to the direct material interest of Moscow school principals in the growth of paid extracurricular activities - on the example of school No. 1788. Let us examine the explanations of the director of school No. 1788 A.A. Ezdova on the work of the paid "Studio of Drawing and Painting": "In the studio, 60% of the income goes to the teacher’s salary." Willingly I believe. Moreover, this does not contradict the statement of the teacher himself that he is paid 40 percent. Because 40 percent is his salary; another 20 are mandatory payments to the Pension Fund, to the Social Insurance Fund, etc. Next A.A. Ezdov writes about how the rest of the money paid by the parents is distributed under the contract: “5% for utility bills, 35% for indirect costs, including inventories, remuneration of support staff, payroll.” That is, conditionally, from one circle in which, say, 20 people are engaged, and for each they pay 5 thousand - 5 thousand a month goes to a communal apartment, and 35 thousand to "indirect costs". Circles, conditionally, 60. Multiply. For a communal apartment per month -120 thousand, for indirect costs and support staff - 2 million 100 thousand. That is, roughly, approximately, on a school account more than two million rubles a month from paid services. At the same time, it seems that in reality almost all of them are spent on a communal apartment, since the state allocates money for this to schools and without paid services. It is not spent on cleaners, as they are also on staff at the school. I suspect that the post-secondary education supervisor is funded not only from the school’s paid income segment. It is clear that in the end, a lot of rubles remain unspent. Where does this unspent (“saved”) money go? According to the law, it can be directed to incentive payments (that is, to bonuses of individual “close” employees): “Savings in the wage fund, including accruals to the wage fund, for communal services and material costs can be directed to payments of a stimulating nature. ”(Cl.17 of the Appendix to the Resolution of the Government of Moscow of October 24, 2014 No. 619-PP (as amended by Resolution of the Government of Moscow of 23.12.2015 No. 932-PP.) That is, conditionally, about 2 million rubles per month received school for paid additional education services can be sent to the salaries of individual school employees.So outraged Oleg Goryunov, the practice of paying 90-130 thousand a month to Moscow school principals in the form of premiums for paid additional education is actually a very small part of the income that managers can have educational institutions through payments of "savings" to individual "close" employees - relatives and close friends.

And the solution is to change the laws. Change the laws that gave rise to the absurd, antisocial practice of transferring a huge part of the money held by state institutions to the salaries of individual employees through bonus payments, regulated mainly only by the conscience of the head ...

Surprisingly, the fact is that not all school principals agreed to cut their salaries. Those who were thus in unsystematic opposition to the leadership of DepObr managed to find quite good reasons for themselves.

"I did not refuse the monthly bonus. I soon have a contract with the department ending, so I did not," said the director of the Sviblovo school Andrei Grabovsky in an interview with NI.

By the way, Andrei Ivanovich denies the relationship between his salary and the salary of his subordinates. He denies, but he has already sent the following application forms for termination of contracts to the leaders of the paid circles of his school:

The sample statement was written with grammatical errors, but that’s not the point: the fact is that again, teachers are forced to write a statement of their own free will.

Famous expert in the field of education Andrei Gorodetsky in the group "Moscow SOS Schools!" described this situation this way:

"The director of the school Sviblovo Grabovsky A.I crossed all the lines of what is permissible and forces teachers to write a statement about termination of contracts for additional services of their own free will in connection with the pandemic. I post the samples that were sent to me in the personal teacher of the school Sviblovo. Actions Grabovsky AI directly contradict the labor code and the presidential decree on non-working days. Such statements in no case do not recommend signing !!!

Director of the school "Sviblovo" Grabovsky A.I. in violation of the presidential decree, as a result of the month of April, hundreds of teachers and employees of kindergartens of the school lowered salaries from 10 to 30 thousand rubles. It seems that Sviblovo’s school is completely anarchy. The Department of Education and Science of Moscow will you respond to the lawlessness of Grabovsky? "

Director Grabowski denies lower salaries to subordinates.

It is noteworthy that, recognizing the full right to send to the teachers application forms "of their own free will," A. Grabovsky denies the existence of such a right for his employer, I. Kalina, to act also with the directors:

"Yes, monthly bonuses were awarded to us on the personal order of Isaak Iosifovich, but he cannot deprive us of them by order of the law - he has no formal reasons for this, so the directors can only decide whether to refuse the money or not."

On April 30, on the eve of the May holidays, a whole videoconference was dedicated to the voluntary-forced refusal of the incentive part of the directors' salary .

Селекторное совещание руководства Департамента образования и науки г. Москвы с директорами

This event was held by V.I. Razdin, Deputy Head of the Department of Education and Science of Moscow, who scolded his colleagues for excessive zeal and lack of deadlines for self-cutting income in statements:

- It feels like they were copying! They did not indicate at what time they asked to deprive part of their salary. I ask you to do this today - you also need to make calculations, etc. Let's agree that this is your personal statement that will affect the salary of you personally, and that’s not it, it will not apply to the management team.

No one can say anything - subordinates together with the affected directors should not suffer - everything, as the director of the Sviblovo school Andrei Grabovsky told our correspondent.

More precisely, everything could have been and would have been decorous and noble if Isaac Kalina had not intervened in the conversation, who commented on what was happening on-line:

В.Раздин, 30 апреля, селекторное совещание с директорами московских школ

- I spoke with many directors about the fact that this is their personal statement. And the deputy directors wrote a statement to the directors to reduce the amount of bonuses for this period. We can neither prohibit nor order this - this is not our business with you. But for many directors, when they took such an initiative, their deputies also followed them. Well ... Vladimir Ivanovich ...

- This is the right of the employee! And of course, any person has the right to write a handwritten statement.

A personal statement - this "neologism" was invented by Vladimir Razdin, who changed his mind about the inviolability of deputy directors in a matter of seconds ...

I. Kalina:

- That is, the automatic distribution of your application to your deputies cannot be, by definition, legally.

V. Razdin:

- Colleagues, is there something unsaid here? Any questions? What else bothers you?

Judging by the deathly silence, the principals of Moscow schools did not care about that day, and didn’t worry, not one of those 4 chronic “ills” that voters pointed out to MP Tolstoy, nor other problems of the capital’s education.

So, for example, subordinate directors of Moscow schools would have had such an opportunity, of course, there were questions to the leadership of the Department of Education and Science.

Рекомендация ДепОбра Москвы по оплате труда заместителей директоров

One of such acute questions is the question of the monthly payment of DepOobra, which for some reason this month was not received, according to an English teacher at school No. 113, about 50% of teachers.

“We received 8 thousand 900 rubles each month from the Department - this is for the use of electronic distance education methods. And what is surprising, the one who plowed in these difficult days, came up with tasks and stuff, did not receive money, and those who simply copied assignments, money received ... ", - said Elena Zhdanova in an interview with NI.

The question remains unresolved: how not to lower teachers' salaries, if there is such a recommendation of the Department - interest:

An internal conference call in the Department of Education and Science of Moscow cannot just be found on the Internet - it is "for official use", it is not broadcast on the news of state television channels.

Despite this, the directors of Moscow schools do not ask questions, they do not tell the management about the problems in their schools. The thunderous silence of the leaders of the capital’s education is a tracing-paper of meetings of the times of the 70-80s of the Soviet era.

In order to verify this, you can open the link here.

For those who are too lazy to do this, we quote from the final phase of the “meeting” with the directors:

I. Kalina:

- Last: colleagues, I have been observing the last 1.5 months of our difficult life, well, what does it mean to observe? I live it. And here is what I see: we are all divided into those who solve the unexpected, difficult problems and tasks that have arisen, and the vast majority of them, and those who are fortunately fewer, but they are there who now want their old, long-lasting flaws now announce problems arising from coronavirus. Got it or not, it will be known from the media, believe me! It turns out that someone either did not understand at all, or understood exactly the opposite of what they were talking about. If you have any objections, you will express them. "

V. Razdin:

- Colleagues, is everything clear? Did someone want to turn on? No, Isaac Iosifovich - no questions.

About the media and those who did not understand: the other day, “NI” talked about a poor family that MUST LAW receive food aid, but could not receive for a whole month. The school management answers the poor mother that she was late, asked not when she could, but a little later, let her wait now.

Mom, making sure that the school does not understand the importance of the problem - this is when there is nothing, and you have 25 days to talk: wait, we are dealing with this issue, wrote to our newspaper.

We wrote about it without even commenting - well, what is there to comment on? The next day, the press service sent a comment. In it, the headmaster of the school repeated word for word ... And nothing about the fact that they solved the problem, they helped the poor family.

Isaac Iosifovich is right - "... they want to declare their old, years-long deficiencies to be problems arising from the coronavirus." These old “flaws”, according to the author of this article, are called: callousness, indifference and lack of professionalism — chronic diseases of the capital’s education.

And here is I. Kalina’s rights, who talked about the understanding and lack of understanding of directors:

"Understood or not understood, it will be known from the media, believe me!"

NI was also asked to comment on the innovations of the Moscow DepObr in the independent trade union Uchitel.

- The “Teacher” trade union has repeatedly drawn the attention of the public and administrative structures to the activities of the head of the Moscow Department of Education, Mr. Isaac Kalina. - responded to union activist Marina Balueva . - The number of scandalous orders issued by him, decrees and orders cannot be counted. The most impressive was the story with the so-called “black mark”, when disagreeable teachers in electronic document management are actually banned from the profession, in violation of law and ethics. In such a simple way, Mr. Kalina “sweeps out” from the profession everyone who decides to complain, show any discontent or somehow resist. The amazing unsinkability of Mr. Kalina, who literally was “like a goose,” always remained a mystery. . The story in the material on extortion for “paid educational services” is not surprising: this is a logical continuation of the Department’s policy. Why did directors punish themselves? I have such a hypothesis. “Guy pride” does not allow issuing orders to punish directors to Mr. Kalina. After all, they followed his policies obediently, and many more remained the same obedient (not without benefits) directors. But punishment for the "puncture" is necessary. How? Forcing repentance. This is a very popular method recently.

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