Video of the day: "Putin's Detachments" did not recognize the results of the US elections

Video of the day: "Putin's Detachments" did not recognize the results of the US elections

6 November , 15:27Politics
The public organization "Putin's Detachments" recorded a video message in which it did not recognize the results of the presidential elections in the United States. The organization called on all countries of the world to join their position and not recognize the results of the vote.

“We, Putin's troops, strongly disagree with these elections in America. A continuous glove show, arranged for the whole world, "- said the representative of the organization, adding that the States cannot restore order in their own country, while regularly interfering in the internal affairs of other states.

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“A disgrace to the whole world. The fact that we see how elections are held in America is an orgy and a violation of all human rights in their country. It shouldn't be that way, it's an ugly show, ”said a member of the organization. “Thank God that we live in Russia, not in America”, - she added.

Let us remind you that the US presidential elections were held on November 3. The rivals at them were the current US President Donald Trump and his opponent from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. The counting of votes is still ongoing, and it is not yet clear who won, but each of the candidates is confident in his victory in the last elections. On Friday, Trump announced his victory and called for an end to the vote count . According to him, he won by “legal” votes. Earlier, the incumbent president said that he knew about the stuffing in the last elections. The president came to this conclusion because for a long time he remained in the lead after the vote count, but then his opponent took the lead.

While votes are being counted, the richest in the world are betting on the results of the presidential elections in America. The largest political stake of this year is the stake of a British businessman, his name has not been disclosed, who, after consulting with experts, put five million dollars on Trump's victory. If his bet plays out, the Briton will win about $ 15 million.

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