"The one who abolished the war" film: How Yeltsin's order to shoot people did not fulfill

"The one who abolished the war" film: How Yeltsin's order to shoot people did not fulfill
"The one who abolished the war" film: How Yeltsin's order to shoot people did not fulfill
8 January 2021, 23:50PoliticsPhoto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=148&v=PAyNPR-PxoI&feature=emb_title
The Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Gora presented the prize for humanism and kindness in art "For the benefit of the world - 2020".

One of the laureates was the film by Nikolay Burlyaev and Dmitry Chernetsov "The one who abolished the war", which tells about the events of 1993 that took place during the shooting of the White House in Moscow.

The format of the event is only the jury and laureates, full compliance with all the necessary antiquated security measures; video was recorded for subsequent online demonstration.

The mission of the annual independent Internet award "For the benefit of the world - 2020" ("Na blago mira"), established in 2011, is to create a harmonious, healthy society in which culture and art serve to develop, strengthen and disseminate ideas of morality, justice and kindness.

"С вами будет говорить подполковник группы "Альфа"!", - эти кадры в 1993 году облетели весь мир.

The painting by Nikolay Burlyaev and Dmitry Chernetsov became the winner in the "Documentary" nomination.

“These days there was fascism on the streets of Moscow!... There was nowhere to wait for help... ...And the drunken Yeltsin, that he was already there... He gave the order: "Everyone - cut into cabbage pieces!", As I was later told. … Death was prepared for us!”- Ruslan Khasbulatov, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation in 1993, comments in the tape.


“Now, with the passage of time, the puzzle has taken shape. And I understand the whole mechanism of implementing a political plan at that time. In practice, the Orange Revolution was being practiced in Russia”, - says Vladimir Kelekhsaev, a veteran of the Alpha group and the main character in the film, in the film.

"The One Who Abolished the War" is authors' study of the tragic events of October 1993 that were crucial for Russia - the confrontation between two political forces: the President of the Russian Federation B.N. Yeltsin and the elected representatives of the people, the deputies of the Supreme Soviet.

The authors of the film, relying on objective, first-hand, testimonies of direct participants in the events, heroes, who by their actions prevented the impending civil war for Russia, documentarily reconstruct the sequence of tragic circumstances on October 3-4, 1993, citing new facts.

Владимир Келехсаев, ветеран группы "Альфа".

The film presents to the audience the image of a true hero of our time, Lieutenant Colonel of the legendary Alpha Detachment, V. I. Kelekhsaev , who influenced the course of further historical events in Russia. Nikolay Burlyaev said that he had nurtured the idea of the film "The One Who Abolished the War" for 25 years.

“There was a military operation. Military operation in a city" (Deputy of the Supreme Soviet Ivan Shashviashvili)

“When the shooting of the Supreme Soviet began, it was clear that it was no longer possible to escape” (USSR People's Deputy Sazhi Umalatova)

“And the question arises, who killed the officer of the Alpha group? ...If it were not for the fighters of "Alpha", a real civil war would have begun ...I am very glad to meet the man to whom we all owe our lives 25 years later" (MP Sergey Baburin)

"But the sniper was shooting from the direction of the American embassy..." (Deputy of the Supreme Soviet Ivan Shashviashvili)

“I was asked a question: What are the guarantees? I said: the word of the officer" (Vladimir Kelekhsaev)

Режиссёр фильма "Отменивший войну" Николай Бурляев во время церемонии награждения премии "На благо мира" в Музее Победы рассказал, что замысел картины вынашивал напротяжении 25 лет.
Photo:Премия "На благо мира"

"The One Who Abolished the War" tells the story of a man who changed the course of events in 1993, when the White House was fired upon by a criminal order. We all remember those events”, - Nikolay Burlyaev said during the awarding ceremony for the "For the benefit of the world - 2020" award.

“My teacher and friend Andrey Tarkovsky said that every film should be an action. You can't just, in order to receive money, shoot film after film and engage in lucrative business, which is what 95% of the representatives of today's Russian cinema and Russian film distribution, which has become a branch of American film distribution, do.

Our cinema is in danger. Large. And I think we must make every effort to rectify this situation.

So, this man, the lieutenant colonel of "Alpha", about whom I read, then, in the newspaper, 27 years ago, after the shooting of the White House, he received an order from the commander-in-chief, who seized power by making a coup in the state. He gave an order, a terrible order, and this was announced in the Alpha group, according to this order, first of all, a missile and bomb attack on the White House was to be delivered. And this, as we all understand, is in the center of Moscow.

After that - and I am now revealing to you what you did not know - the helicopters had to "process" then what remained. Then tanks enter, shoot everything completely, and the Alpha detachment enters and cleans the White House from the deputies. What is stripping? You know.

For this business, by the Providence of God, was sent a colonel of "Alpha" named Vladimir (Kelekhsaev - approx. "NI"). And what did this man do? I was shocked and thought for 25 years about how to tell the audience about it.

He left the weapon at the entrance, wrapped a bandage around the barbed wire, and with his assistant entered the White House, which was full of weapons and people with weapons.

He walked into the hall, where four hundred deputies were sitting with candles, already preparing for execution, because in the morning they were being shot by tanks.

He came out and said: “I am a lieutenant colonel of Group A, Vladimir, I have no order to enter into negotiations with you, but we, the Alpha group, are fighting criminals and terrorists, and you are not criminals or terrorists, you are the chosen people of the people I'll take you all out of here alive, you will get on the bus and go home, and your political issues will be solved later, the most important thing is that there is no blood. "

He understood that if "Alpha" sheds blood, then a civil war would begin and such that it would still be now, in 27 years. We would be drowned in blood to this day. What is being done in Ukraine would seem like childish babble.

So this is why this film is called "The One Who Abolished the War". And I will definitely call now our lieutenant colonel "Alpha", now he is retired, but continues his civil service, and I congratulate him on this very high award. God bless Russia!”, - said Nikolay Burlyaev, receiving the statuette and diploma of the laureate "For the benefit of the world - 2020”.

Watch the movie "The Abolitionist" here.

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