The authorities of St. Petersburg said they would take into account the mistakes in the construction of an artificial island

The authorities of St. Petersburg said they would take into account the mistakes in the construction of an artificial island

The authorities of St. Petersburg said they would take into account the mistakes in the construction of an artificial island

8 June, 14:00
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The government of St. Petersburg will not allow the construction of new houses on the territory of an artificial piece of land until "social infrastructure is synchronized." This was reported to Novye Izvestia in the press service of Smolny.

Earlier, Novye Izvestia reported on a conflict between the residents of Vasilevsky Island and the developer LSR Group over the creation of the Northern alluvium, an artificial site that is being created in the northwestern part of the region. Here, by 2055, it is planned to build 1.2 million square meters of housing. Residents are unhappy that the construction has actually destroyed the popular beach, as well as noise and dust from large-scale works. At the same time, the Southern alluvium was already created earlier, where active housing construction is underway. Residents of new residential complexes complain about the lack of roads, schools, kindergartens and hospitals, which were promised when selling apartments.

“As for the northern alluvium, all the mistakes made during the development of the southern territory will be taken into account here. Thus, the new developer, LSR Group, will not receive permits for the construction of housing without the consent of the Town Planning Commission of St. part of the development of maritime Petersburg. Thus, today the city is doing everything to make the project an example of the integrated development of the territory.”

At the request of Novye Izvestia, the government of St. Petersburg stated that the Southern alluvium project did not receive a road network because of the partner of the city authorities, Terra Nova, and there were no schools because the developers did not fulfill their obligations.

“In 2007, CJSC Terra Nova was recognized as a strategic investor in St. Petersburg and was supposed to carry out a comprehensive development of the coastal territory of the western part of Vasilyevsky Island,” Smolny told Novye Izvestiya. - according to the terms of the contract, Terra Nova CJSC was obliged to develop, coordinate, approve in the prescribed manner the territory planning documentation, carry out the necessary land management and cadastral works, carry out works on alluvium and stabilization of the territory, and also perform work on the creation of facilities engineering infrastructure and build a marine passenger terminal, and St. Petersburg to ensure the creation of service facilities for residential development and transport infrastructure.

According to the government, Terra Nova did not build anything, but actively traded in land on the newly created site. As a result, the relationship between the city authorities and the company was terminated. It was proposed to create a social infrastructure for developers who are now actively working on alluvium: Seven Suns Development Group of Companies, Leader Group Group of Companies, Glorax Development , Akvilon-Invest and LSR Group.

The southern alluvium was initially promised 7 schools, 11 kindergartens and a clinic. In fact, only one kindergarten has been commissioned.

“Unfortunately, not all investors fulfill their obligations. Thus, the Seven Suns Development Group of Companies entered into agreements with St. Petersburg on the design, construction and transfer to the state ownership of St. Petersburg of a school for 825 places and a preschool for 115 places. Currently, the construction of these facilities has not started. The obligations of the developer in accordance with the agreements concluded are not being fulfilled," the Smolny said.

As for roads, and there are simply none on most of the artificial island, you can approach or drive up to some houses on a sandy wasteland, Smolny said they plan to get a road network project this summer.

“The estimated timeframe for obtaining the conclusion of the state examination is June 2022,” the city government said, “construction and installation work is planned to be completed in 2022-2025. The complex of measures provided for by the project solves the problem of transport accessibility of all residential complexes located on the territory of the southern part of the alluvium. It is planned to build a street-road network with a total length of 12.979 km with the installation of sidewalks, stopping points, bike paths and parking lots.

In addition, they are discussing with developers the launch of shuttles to the metro.

As Novye Izvestia previously reported, residents of Vasilyevsky Island launched an active campaign against the Northern Alluvium. People have collected 11 thousand signatures for Governor Alexander Beglov, now they plan to collect 50 thousand in order to send an appeal to President Vladimir Putin. In addition, the residents filed two lawsuits against the developer demanding to provide project documents for an independent environmental review. According to residents, the creation of an artificial piece of land could negatively affect the water balance of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland and lead to flooding.

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