Taliban* agree to respect some rights of the women

Taliban* agree to respect some rights of the women
Taliban* agree to respect some rights of the women
9 July 2021, 18:47Politics
The official representative of the political office of the banned in Russia Taliban movement * Muhammad Naim, who arrived in Russia, said that their organization is ready to respect the rights of women to work and education, if they do not contradict Islam.

According to RIA Novosti, citing Naim's statement, the Taliban have repeatedly stated their position on women's rights.

“I don’t know why for someone this question, on the one hand, seems very interesting, and on the other, very hidden. We are Muslims and the rights that the sacred religion Islam has given to women are guaranteed. It is our responsibility if it is the right to education or work or something else. If this does not contradict Islam, our nation and country, we have no problem in this regard. We have said this more than once”, - Naim said.

He also added that he is ready to sit down at the negotiating table with representatives of other countries in order to "come to an understanding".

It became known the day before that a Taliban * delegation had arrived in Moscow on a visit. Many Russians are perplexed by the fact of negotiations between the Russian authorities and terrorists.

After it became known about the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban movement intensified in the country. US troops are due to leave the country completely by 9/11. Earlier on Thursday, it became known that the operation to withdraw US troops is almost complete.

Since May, the Taliban have been conducting a large-scale offensive in the country, forcing the Afghan military out of the country. The Taliban have already captured the counties of Hohon, Shikai, Nusai, Mohimai, Shugnon and Suton Ishkashim on the border with Tajikistan. Because of which, about a thousand Afghan soldiers crossed the border with Tajikistan only on the night of July 5.

To date, Taliban forces have taken control of about 100 districts in the country. Tajikistan has strengthened control at the border, sending about 20 thousand of its military there, and also requested support from Russia in resolving the conflict on the Tajik-Afghan border.

* The organization is recognized as terrorist, its activities are prohibited in Russia.

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