"Not for that people did choose me": Lukashenko announced that he would not give up power

"Not for that people did choose me": Lukashenko announced that he would not give up power

10 September 2020, 15:51Politics
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the Belarusian people did not elect him for this, so that today he, Lukashenko, would give up his power.

"I will say like a man, so that in the future we have no misunderstandings. I am often reproached for not giving up power. And they are rightly doing it. The people did not choose me for that. Power is not given in order to take it, throw it away. or give it to someone else", - Belta quotes Lukashenko.

Lukashenko added that in the mid-90s, the authorities in the country "fell in the mud", everyone, who was not lazy, wiped their feet on it. “I don’t want Belarusians to return to those times”, - the president added.

On August 9, presidential elections were held in Belarus. According to official data, the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won with 80% of the votes. Residents of the country believe that their votes were falsified. Since the day of voting, protests have not stopped in the country. Residents demand Lukashenko's resignation and new fair elections. The opposition has set up a Coordinating Council for the transfer of power. He was declared illegal, through him the opposition is trying to seize power in the country. The members of the presidium of this council began to be persecuted. Almost all of them forcibly left the country.

Earlier Lukashenko admitted that he would be ready to share power, for this it is necessary to adopt amendments to the Constitution. In his opinion, he may have "sat out" a little as president, but he does not plan to leave this post.

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