Fox News viewers: "Dirty Joe" to meet with Putin "will wear steel diapers"

Fox News viewers: "Dirty Joe" to meet with Putin "will wear steel diapers"

Fox News viewers: "Dirty Joe" to meet with Putin "will wear steel diapers"

11 June, 11:27
Photo: Яндекс.Дзен
Biden, on the eve of his meeting with Putin, said that the United States "is not looking for a conflict" with Russia, but will respond decisively to its "harmful" activities. Fox News viewers in the comments generously endow Biden with ridicule, accusing him of lies and corruption.

They are also not delighted with Russia, but at the same time they are convinced that Putin "is not at all afraid of the old fool" and "will defeat him by knockout in the first round."

President Biden said that he would threaten Vladimir Putin at the upcoming summit with "consequences" if Russia takes sabotage actions against democratic governments, but that he does not seek a conflict with Russia.

“We are not looking for a conflict with Russia,” Biden said in a speech to military personnel in the UK. - We want a stable, predictable relationship. Our countries have great responsibilities, including ensuring strategic stability and adhering to arms control agreements”.

“I take this responsibility seriously, but I made it clear that the US will respond decisively and constructively if the Russian government engages in harmful activities”, - he added.

At the upcoming meeting, Biden is expected to put pressure on Putin in connection with recent ransomware attacks allegedly behind Russian hackers. Earlier, his administration imposed sanctions on Moscow for its involvement in the SolarWinds hack and meddling in the 2020 elections.

The comments of viewers of the Fox News channel reflect the attitude of some Americans both to the upcoming meeting of the two leaders, and to the figure of Biden himself, in particular:

Karen T: The words "hey dude!" will not mean confrontation. This is the president-potato, he is just a jester, and the whole world understands this.

McLeod Comedy Show: The only confrontation we can talk about with Biden is the confrontation between his brain and mouth.

Maja Russell: World leaders know how weak he is. And now he decided to go on a world tour to remove the slightest doubt about it.

BLU3COLLAR: Putin will become Biden's master. Putin is not in the least afraid of this foolish old man.

Kstron: Biden goes for instructions from Putin and Europe. The pipeline to Germany is just the beginning. I foresee new exemptions and further lifting of sanctions.

Badonk: No, Biden is going for the bag of money he owes for the green light on the Russian pipeline. Biden sells out America piece by piece at the slightest opportunity.

Vette6266: Not looking for a conflict? So that's why Chinese Joe lets Putin do whatever he wants.

Norman73: Yes, and Hunter will come to pick up the rollback later.

Babystepsupairstairs: Of course the US is not looking for conflict! But take out your 10% to the "Chief" and put it down.

Constitutionalvalues: Maybe his application has something to do with a $ 3.5 million bank transfer from Yelena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia and the widow of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov?

AtuinShrugs: Calling a person a "killer" to the whole world is hardly the best way to make it clear that you are not looking for conflict. Just thinking out loud.

Nevertrustleftists: Dirty Joe Biden said he got a full scholarship to study law. I lied. He said he graduated with honors. Lied: in fact, closer to the bottom.

Then Joe had to admit that he also plagiarized his thesis. He licked up page after page and passed off as his own. But his deception was revealed.

Biden said he was a student of the year in political science. I lied. Biden said he had three highs. I lied. Then Joe confessed that he had been making speeches from both Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey and even one British politician, and with personal details.

And Joe adds to the list of his "merits" every day. Oh yes, I almost forgot: he was still braiding as if he had been arrested when he demanded to release Mandela and participated in the civil rights movement. Given the racist past of dirty Biden, this is even funny. Nearly.

Citizen010: It seems to me that our tough guy from Scranton will bend under Putin like cute.

Freezingupnorth: Biden will forget his name. Then he will demand ice cream. And my friend!

Orlfla: Biden will wear steel diapers to the meeting. Made of stainless steel.

Norman73: Two pairs - he wears two masks.

Northernlights145: And there will be peace through concessions, not through force.

FrankieR : You may not be looking, Joe, but the Russians wanted to sneeze at you.

User68: He's not looking for conflicts either with BLM (Black lives matter) and Antifa, yeah.

Lench: Useless and also spineless. Shame.

Deeknh: Get a better sleep aboard number one, Joe. Putin will eat you alive.

LibTears101 : Biden is already bending his knees. A wonderful show of power from the pseudo-president.

Landofthefree303: Putin will win by knockout in the first round.

Neverkneel067: Here's all of Joe, the great strategist.

Leftrmarxists : This Marxist clown Biden has already donated the pipeline to Putin and is now on his way to collect his share.

Dane Christmas: Biden is not going to confront Putin IN ANYTHING.

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