Question of the day: why 80% of Belarusians who voted for Lukashenka do not defend him in any way?

Question of the day: why 80% of Belarusians who voted for Lukashenka do not defend him in any way?
Question of the day: why 80% of Belarusians who voted for Lukashenka do not defend him in any way?
11 August 2020, 23:41Politics
Lukashenko's regime today rests exclusively on the bayonets of the riot police and the Belarusian army.

Journalist Anton Orekh logically asked in his blog a question:

“I have one question: if 80% voted for Lukashenko, then where are they? Where is at least one person? Why don't they come out to defend their president? While the police, traffic police, special forces, paratroopers, conscripts are trying with their last strength to stop "a miserable bunch of drunks, drug addicts, sheep, driven from abroad", but for some reason took to the streets in almost all the settlements of the country, where are all those who voted for peace, stability and Batka?"

The same worries journalist Vasily Alenin:

“The dictatorship is hanging in the air.

For the second day, we observe mass protests in Belarus against election fraud and Lukashenko's refusal to hand over power to the winner - Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. The past night was marked, among other things, by the refusal of the military to disperse the protests (Brest) and the isolated cases of riot policemen going over to the side of the people (Minsk).

The fact that the results drawn at the elections are worth nothing is proved not even by the fact that tens of thousands of people peacefully protest throughout Belarus. There is another important piece of evidence.

If dictator Lukashenko was supported by allegedly 80% of the citizens of Belarus, then where are all these people? Why don't they come out peacefully, spontaneously or in an organized way to support him? Don't do it after work, like the protesting people of Belarus? Where did the 80% cooked up by Yermoshina's "hogweed" go? After all, Lukashenko’s security officials would definitely not disperse them. On the contrary, they would be guarded like a jewel.

And how great it would be for Lukashenko to demonstrate that “80% of his support” is not fiction.

But there are no masses for Lukashenko in Minsk, Grodno, Brest and other large and small cities of the country. Which leads to one conclusion - he has no mass support. Drawn 80% exist only on paper. Lukashenko's dictatorship hung in the air, swinging on the spears of the hesitating "siloviks" under the people's winds..."

Meanwhile, journalist Oleg Kashin reports on his blog the details of the flight of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who won the elections, to neighboring Lithuania:

“On the Belarusian channels they write this, I believe: “There is information, before the recording of the video appeal, Svetlana was threatened with the reprisal of her children and her husband. Having shown a video with her children abroad, as well as a video of how her husband was beaten and at the end of the video a shot was fired 40-50 cm from the head".

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