Biden saw no point in meeting with Putin

Biden saw no point in meeting with Putin
Biden saw no point in meeting with Putin
12 October, 09:21PoliticsPhoto: Газета.ру
US President Joe Biden said that there is no reason for him now to meet with Putin after the events in Ukraine, which the American leader described as "war crimes."

As Biden said in an interview with CNN, he does not believe that Putin will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Biden indicated that during the planned November 15-16 meeting of G20 leaders in Indonesia, he does not plan to meet with Putin. The only topical issue on the agenda is the fate of US citizens imprisoned in the Russian Federation.

“Look, he acted very cruelly. I think he committed war crimes. And that's why I don't see the point in meeting with him now," Kommersant quotes Biden's words about Putin.

The US administration is not interested in the topic of maintaining Russian control over new territories, the accession of which Biden considers Putin’s “serious miscalculation”, however, Biden is ready to discuss the fate of the American basketball player Brittney Griner, who is in the Russian colony.

Biden called threats by the Russian authorities about plans to use tactical nuclear weapons "irresponsible" and similar to a bluff. According to him, the Pentagon has a plan in case of a negative development of the situation with a nuclear strike. At the same time, Biden refused to detail the prospects for US actions in the event of a Russian nuclear strike.

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