To change the priorities: 12 Moscow city Duma deputies put forward 8 demands to Mayor Sobyanin

To change the priorities: 12 Moscow city Duma deputies put forward 8 demands to Mayor Sobyanin
To change the priorities: 12 Moscow city Duma deputies put forward 8 demands to Mayor Sobyanin
14 April 2020, 13:03Politics
The Mayor of Moscow got an ultimatum: to pay 20, 000 rubles to all Muscovites, including under the age of 18, and to cancel the payment for housing services and utilities.

Communist deputies warned: "In the case of unsanctioned protests of thousands of Moscow residents the total responsibility will rest on the executive authorities of Moscow".

Oleg Goryunov

In total, the deputies put forward 8 demands to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin:

The first paragraph of the ultimatum to Sobyanin contains a requirement to pay 20 thousand rubles to each family member.

A proposition to cancel the payment for housing services and utilities until January 1, 2021.

According to the opinion of these 12 deputies, by the end of this year Muscovites should be exempted from the payment of loans. At the same time, the banks should not lose anything - everything must be covered from the city budget.

The fourth paragraph of the requirements for the Mayor states that representatives of small and medium businesses must be exempted from the rent and taxes before the end of the year.

The Moscow Mayor was also required to provide with free food everyone with coronavirus disease.

The seventh and eighth paragraphs of the ultimatum say that it is necessary to use the budget resources in order to restore the work of all "optimized" (liquidated) medical facilities and to limit the increase of prices for food and medicine.

In addition, in a letter addressed to the capital's mayor, the deputies immediately named 7 sources of financing for such costly measures to prevent hunger riots.

The Communists consider it necessary to halve the financing of the renovation program, reduce by one third the financing of the construction of the metro, and by 4 times the expenses for improvement.

It is also proposed to reduce the costs of illuminating trees and buildings by 4 times and reduce the cost of maintaining the media covering the activities of the city hall by 4 times (the cost is about 20 billion rubles a year - ed.).

12 deputies also propose to stop financing the construction, with the exception of medical institutions, schools and kindergartens (which has already been done by Sobyanin - ed.).

In the case of extending the terms of the high-readiness regime, turn to the Russian government for financial assistance.

How real is the threat of hunger riots in the capital?

Judging by the latest opinion poll conducted by Online Market Intelligence (OMI) and the Center for Social Design "Platform", which are conducting research under the project "Sociological Anti-Crisis Center", 46% of Russians today are afraid that their family will have nothing to live on ...

53% of respondents did not have ANY savings - zero. This means that as soon as all these 70 million Russians eat up what they bought for the "last", the question of hunger is for a significant, and perhaps most of them, really will be more than relevant.


List of deputies who signed the demand for Sobyanin:

Zubrilin N.G., Maksimov V.V., Zyuganov L.A., Engalycheva E.A., Loktev D.A., Nikitina L.E., Savostyanov S.V., Stupin E.V., Tarasov P .M., Sheremetyev O.M., Shuvalova E.A., Yanchuk E.Yu.

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