Every street, every house: how Belarusians unite against Lukashenko

Every street, every house: how Belarusians unite against Lukashenko
15 September 2020, 11:50Politics
In the capital of this country, Minsk, the telegram communities have been created literally everywhere, whose participants are ready to go out to the protest actions at any moment.

A blogger under the nickname Paper Plane (Bumazhniy samolyot) turned his attention to an unusual picture posted on the website https://dze.chat/: a map of the Belarusian capital, dotted with numbered red circles.

It turned out that this is what telegrams from the Minsk community look like on the social network, who came out to defend the constitution of their homeland against Lukashenko, who usurped power. Many of these communities have already gathered 300-500 members who live in the neighborhood and are ready to go out into the streets at any moment on a signal to fight against Lukashenko's punishers. There are dozens of such groups in each microdistrict of Minsk, several on each street, in each yard, in each house. “It's so amazing that I have tears in my eyes. Belarusians will win and will also teach people to win in other countries - far and near. Long live Telegram! Long live Belarus!!" - the blogger exclaims.

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