A record number of Russians said they are not interested in politics

A record number of Russians said they are not interested in politics
16 March , 14:15PoliticsPhoto: dw.com
The number of Russians who are not interested in politics at all reached a record 27%. This is the highest figure in the last 30 years.

As follows from the results of the opinion poll of the Levada Center (the organization was included in the register of non-profit organizations-foreign agents by the decision of the Ministry of Justice), today almost a third of the country's citizens are not at all interested in politics.

“This is the highest figure since October 1990 (then this figure was 12%)”, - the TV channel Dozhd reports.

The share of Russians who are very strongly interested in politics is 3%, 9% are interested in it "to a large extent", 35% - in the middle, 26% - in the small. A year earlier, 21% of respondents were not at all interested in politics.

A significant proportion of Russians (45%) belong to the category of outside observers. They closely follow the political events in the country, but do not take an active part in political life. About 23% said they were far from the political sphere, and 27% said they did not care about politics.

According to analysts, in the past year for many Russians the economic problems associated with the loss of jobs and reduced incomes have come to the fore. Against the backdrop of a general deterioration in the economic situation in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, residents of the country were forced to reduce their spending by an average of 10%.

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