Question of the day: will Navalny blame Russia for his poisoning?

Question of the day: will Navalny blame Russia for his poisoning?
Question of the day: will Navalny blame Russia for his poisoning?
16 September 2020, 20:42Politics
As soon as he came to his senses, the oppositionist has already announced that he wants to return to Russia and refuses the charges of poisoning by Novichok.

The popular blogger Ilya Valiyev read in Western publications that Alexey Navalny not only decided to return to Russia, but also dropped the accusations of being poisoned by Novichok:

As you know, the Prosecutor General of the Federal Republic of Germany Peter Frank, who was interested in three questions, visited Navalny in the hospital.

1. Will Navalny take part in the process, which will take place with or without him, since there is a victim, and therefore, according to the laws of Germany, a criminal case will be opened?

Navalny's answer is: "No, I won't".

2. Will Navalny take part in a press conference at which it will be announced that, according to three independent laboratories, accusations of using chemical weapons will be brought against Russia?

“No”, - Navalny replied.

3. Will Navalny remain under heavy guard in Germany?

"I want to return to Russia"

In this regard, Valiyev believes that the West is disappointed in Navalny. True, this does not apply to Germany, which does not want this process, but wants to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2.

Although, judging by Navalny's appearance, he understands little, - the blogger writes. German journalists believe that he has shown himself to be a "Russian patriot", but they also suspect him of having connections with the Kremlin.

The blogger defends Navalny:

“But Alexey, apparently, just wants to live well, to make money in Russia, as he did before, and not to be the one who was blinded out of him by the Western special services - an ardent oppositionist. So you can understand it.

There is an assumption among the "hamsters" that the West is deliberately sending Navalny to return as a real oppositionist-hero of resistance to the "bloody regime", and not a blogger on black compromising evidence, and in 2024 defeated Putin in the elections. Funny and silly theory. Because who will allow him before the elections?! And even assuming, who will allow you to get more than 20% of the votes? And he has zero chances against Putin. It's Navalny after all. Even after the poisoning, the people of Russia do not need him for nothing. He is not a competitor to Putin.

Some people also have the idea that Navalny is just a "Kremlin murzilka" (funny cartoon meme) or a "Kremlin project" that was poisoned in the West, without knowing who he was, he was indignant - and returned to his native Spassky Towers.

Honestly, I have no idea who Alexey Navalny is. But he definitely loves and wants to live in Russia. And, excuse me, he spun all the Western special services and personally the Prosecutor of the Federal Republic of Germany in the same place... Well, well done...",- the blogger sums up.

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