Matviyenko denied rumors about her own pension of 450 thousand rubles

Matviyenko denied rumors about her own pension of 450 thousand rubles

17 February , 16:53PoliticsPhoto: Коммерсантъ
Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko commented on the information spread on the Web about her almost half a million pension, saying that the indicated amount is fake.

The reason for the indignant comments of Matviyenko was the news about her allegedly "fabulous" pension, which have nothing to do with reality.

“I cannot but speak out about the fakes that are spreading on the Internet about some fabulous pensions of officials, senators, deputies. For example, I found out from the Internet, and everyone is outraged that Matvyienko receives a pension of 450 thousand”, - said the speaker of the Federation Council at a plenary session on February 17.

She added that information about her income can be gleaned from her declaration, which is published in open sources.

"I have almost 50 years of work experience, I receive a pension of 25 thousand", - quoted by Interfax explanation Matviyenko.

According to her, myths about the fabulous income of government officials can lead to discrediting people who work in power. In this regard, it is necessary to convey reliable information to citizens, and not “myths”. Otherwise, "people get annoyed when they see such numbers".

Matviyenko added that the fakes "must be refuted, because this is just a disgrace".

Earlier it was reported that with the current system of forming a pension fund, ordinary Russians have practically no chance of earning a normal pension, which will be enough to cover all basic needs. According to opinion polls, upon retirement, most Russians would like to receive from 45 to 60 thousand rubles. However, in reality, the average pension in the country is only 17 thousand rubles.

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