Joe Biden considers sanctions against Russia the best solution for the US

Joe Biden considers sanctions against Russia the best solution for the US
Joe Biden considers sanctions against Russia the best solution for the US
17 June, 10:27Politics
US President Joe Biden said that sanctions against Moscow imposed by Washington are the best choice for the United States.

"This is what is best for the country. No kidding. What happens if the most important force in NATO, the organizational structure that we tie together, distances itself from Russian aggression?', - Biden said in an interview with AP.

In deciding to announce restrictions on the financial sector, he "acted like a commander in chief, not like a politician thinking about elections." In turn, State Department spokesman Ned Price promised to make the next anti-Russian sanctions as “painful” as possible for Moscow, but also to take care of reducing “costs not only here, but also for other countries, for people around the world”.

Price also said that Washington is preparing not only financial sanctions, but also export controls, which, as the US government thinks, will deprive Russia of the necessary industrial, technological, defense base, as well as "other critical and strategic sectors". At the same time, the White House is ready to make some compromises.

"We talked about the need to maintain stable global energy supplies. There are corresponding exceptions", - Price admitted, having made a reservation that fertilizers and foodstuffs do not fall under the American sanctions.

Earlier, the US authorities imposed a ban on the supply of Russian energy carriers against the backdrop of a military special operation in Ukraine. This led to a significant increase in their prices within the country.

It's worth reminding that the US Treasury this week allowed to carry out energy transactions with Russian banks from the sanctions list until December 5. According to the document, from June 24, all operations were to be suspended. However, the agency decided to make an exception for operations in LNG, petroleum products and natural gas, coal, timber and uranium, as well as nuclear, thermal and renewable energy, is said in the decision.

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