Salaries of military will be raised again and military factories will receive new orders

Salaries of military will be raised again and military factories will receive new orders
Salaries of military will be raised again and military factories will receive new orders
17 July 2020, 14:57Politics
NI found out how much Russian army soldiers receive in 2020, and how many the generals receive; what make up the salaries for the officers and warrant officers. The new increase in military spending planned by Vladimir Putin will affect also the military factories.

Oleg Goryunov

On July 16, Vladimir Putin held a videoconference meeting on the formation of the federal budget for 2021 and for the planning period of 2022 and 2023.

Speaking about the country's budget, the President of Russia, in particular, said the following quote:

“The priorities should take into account not only the current tasks, but, I want to emphasize, it is very important, taking into account the experience that we have received in the previous months, to direct additional resources to our long-term, strategic plans, national projects, including the development of such basic areas as health care, education, infrastructure, maintaining defense capability".

Maintaining defense capability Vladimir Putin put in the last place in the list of "basic spheres", but this does not mean that the President began to think about the army last.

The fact is that a very important one did not get on the air of federal TV channels - the following phrase of V. Putin, this one, a quote:

“Here, for example, is the Presidential Decree of May 7, 2012, No. 604. There, I remind you, it is spelled out on the maintenance of the salaries of military personnel, I will quote: “Not lower than the level of remuneration of employees of organizations in leading sectors of the economy. ”I just cited this as an example. But it must be borne in mind that those of our previous plans in vital sectors must not only be kept in mind - must be implemented. This is the approach that we must take into account in our future work".

Comparing these two phrases, we can draw a simple conclusion: the salaries of military personnel do not yet correspond to the level of remuneration of employees of organizations in leading sectors of the economy...

So what are they today - the salaries of the Russian army?

Банкоматы теперь есть даже в казармах солдатов-срочников

Since September 2019, there has been an increase in salaries for positions and ranks of military personnel under the contract. Also, from October 1, 2019, a planned indexation of monetary allowances was carried out to the forecasted inflation rate of 4.3%. These allowances are paid in 2020.

The establishment of the size of salaries, allowances and payments to servicemen is carried out in accordance with federal laws, regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation, Orders of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. The salary increases in 2019-2020 were provided for:

  • By order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation of July 31, 2019 No. 430 - regarding the establishment of a monthly surcharge of 50% for soldiers, sailors, foremen and sergeants occupying 1-4 tariff categories;
  • By Order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation of July 31, 2019 No. 430 - regarding the establishment of an additional monthly allowance for the positions of drivers with categories C and D, C and E;
  • The federal law on the budget for 2019 and for the planning period 2020-2021 - in terms of indexing the salaries of military personnel by the rate of inflation (4.3%).

All this information is in open sources.

The amount of financial support for the military is regulated by Federal Law No. 306. The main part of the salary is determined by the rank (according to the Order of the Ministry of Defense No. 2700):

  • a common soldier gets 5,000 rubles;
  • corporal - 5,500;
  • junior sergeant - 6,000;
  • sergeant - 6.5 thousand;
  • senior sergeant - 7,000;
  • foreman - 7.5 thousand;
  • ensign - 8,000;
  • senior warrant officer - 8,500;
  • junior lieutenant - 9,500;
  • lieutenant - 10,000;
  • senior lieutenant - 10,500;
  • captain - 11,000;
  • major - 11,500;
  • lieutenant colonel - 12,000;
  • colonel - 13,000;
  • major general - 20,000;
  • Lieutenant General - 22,000;
  • the general of the army earns - 27,000;
  • Marshal - 30,000.

At first glance, military salaries in 2020 are not that high.

However, one should not forget that, as in education and health care, the RF Ministry of Defense has arranged the system of remuneration for military personnel so that everyone, from soldier to marshal, has incentives to earn more.

For this, a rather complex payment calculation system has been created. It is designed in such a way that not only family or some other ties can affect the earnings of a person in uniform, and then the amount of his pension.

But the very principle of getting more banknotes is very simple: everything is like in civilian life - you work at a factory in a "hot" shop - you get more; if you work in the North, you get more.

What does the military salary consist of?

1. Title and position. To increase the cash payment, you must obtain a higher rank or position. When the rank is stripped, the salary is reduced.

2. Location . The units located in the north have a higher salary.

3. Secrecy . By transferring to the secret part, you can get a bonus of half the salary.

4. Awards for excellent service.

5. Compensation for rental housing and one-time payments.

6. Risk conditions. Service in hot spots has a monetary reward.

7. Bonuses for personal achievements.

8. Qualification exams . Their delivery increases the premiums.

The salary of military personnel depends on the type of troops.

В 2020 году больше всех могут получить служащие на атомных подводных лодках – 50 тысяч рублей

The officer corps receives 2.5-3.1 times more than privates and sergeants. From October 1, 2020, officers will receive an average of 90,000. Officers have several ways to increase their salaries: pass physical standards (+5,000), raise the grade (+4,000), take a test of foreign language proficiency (an increase from 800 to 4200 rubles per month).

In Soviet times, the song was very popular: "Mom, I love the pilot! The pilot gets a lot, the pilot flies high, my mother I love the pilot!" Nowadays there is also a reason to fall in love with a pilot.

Летчики в первую очередь среди всех военнослужащих получают жилье и дополнительные выплаты за возможные риски, угрожающие жизни и здоровью

As in civilian life, pilots in the army receive the highest salaries for their service. A specialist without experience earns at least 100,000 rubles, and with experience - about 200,000 rubles per month.

Upon dismissal from military service, servicemen are paid a lump sum: with a total length of service of less than 20 years - 2 salaries, and for 20 years or more - 7 salaries, and then a pension is paid.

Now a retired lieutenant colonel, for example, receives 30-40 thousand rubles a month, generals - from 60 thousand rubles.

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