Deputies ask the government to pay each citizen of Russia 25 thousand rubles

Deputies ask the government to pay each citizen of Russia 25 thousand rubles

18 April 2020, 14:25PoliticsPhoto:
Moscow and St. Petersburg deputies sent an open appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with a proposal to use the reserve funds in order to pay 25,000 rubles to all Russians during the period of the country's isolation regime.

According to the deputies, in the country there have been accumulated sufficient funds in order to provide all the citizens with payments of 25 thousand rubles and an additional 15 thousand rubles for each child.

“The state must implement its constitutional role to its citizens. The state was postponing quite enough "for a rainy day", and now this "rainy day" has come for most Russians. They need support now: people deprived of their livelihood are forced to violate the regime of self-isolation in search of food sources, which significantly complicates the fight against the epidemic. Direct monetary assistance to the population is the best way to support solvent demand, and, as a consequence, the entire economy of the country, ”Interfax writes with reference to the document.

Now on the reserve accounts of the government, including amounts in the regions, there are about 17.7 trillion rubles. Earlier, journalists calculated that in order to pay at least 10 thousand rubles to all residents of the country, about 4 trillion rubles are needed. The government does not yet intend to use reserve funds to help the population and business, but is considering the option of allocating one trillion rubles to compensate employees in the most affected sectors of the pandemic. According to the president of Alexei Zakharov, if the self-isolation regime lasts another month , up to 25 million Russians will be unemployed in Russia.

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