The head of the KGB of Belarus explained the shooting of the activist by the fact that he "stood insolently"

The head of the KGB of Belarus explained the shooting of the activist by the fact that he "stood insolently"
The head of the KGB of Belarus explained the shooting of the activist by the fact that he "stood insolently"
18 December 2020, 17:05PoliticsPhoto:
The head of the KGB of Belarus Ivan Tertel (pictured) said that Alexander Taraykovsky, who died during the protests in Minsk, was shot by the police because he "stood in front of them insolently".

Tertel's statement about the shooting of the activist, made during a speech in front of the workers and the leadership of Grodno Azot, is quoted by the editorial office of the Nasha Niva newspaper, which got hold of the recording of the conversation.

“Comrade Taraynovsky or Taraykovsky died in Minsk. But whoever saw these pictures, saw that the man was standing in front of the OMON, went out - and brazenly stood in front of the police. He stands purposefully. Forgive me, who was in the United States? The car stops, what should you do? Put your hands on the steering wheel. If you don't put your hands on the steering wheel, what will they do to you? They will shoot you on the spot”, - The Insider quoted Tertel as saying.

The head of the KGB warned the workers that in the spring the security forces expect a new round of protests, which they intend to "harshly" suppress. According to Tertel's forecasts, the confrontation between the citizens of the country, the authorities and the security forces can stretch for one and a half to two years.

A participant in a demonstration protesting against falsifications in the presidential election, Alexander Taraykovsky, died in Minsk on 11 August. The security forces shot him, explaining later that he allegedly had a bomb in his hands, which he allegedly intended to throw at the riot police. However, then Euroradio published a video that clearly captures the moment of his death. As follows from the video, the demonstrator had no bomb in his hands.

Another victim of the security forces was a resident of Minsk, Roman Bondarenko. He died on November 12 in intensive care from the consequences of a severe traumatic brain injury. He ended up in intensive care from the police department, where the security forces took him from the courtyard of his own house. The militiamen later stated that they were allegedly not involved in the beating and death of Bondarenko. They tried to justify themselves by the fact that Bondarenko was allegedly beaten by unknown persons, and the police, on the contrary, tried to help him. However, video footage posted on social networks and the media testifies to the opposite.

Protests in Belarus began after the August 9 presidential elections. Citizens of the country, outraged by the falsifications in favor of the incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko, continue to take to the streets demanding his resignation. The demonstrators are brutally suppressed by the security forces standing in defense of Lukashenko.

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