The prom 2020: what the teachers will be complimented with and whether it's necessary to do at all

The prom 2020: what the teachers will be complimented with and whether it's necessary to do at all
The prom 2020: what the teachers will be complimented with and whether it's necessary to do at all
19 May 2020, 11:27Politics
The coronavirus epidemic called into a question of the organization of graduation parties, without which the finishing of 11th grades is unthinkable. The polemic among parents was also aroused by another issue related to the end of the school year - gifts to the teachers.

Irina Mnishek

Thousands of outdoor parties, which used to go all night in the Moscow Culture Park, will certainly not be. According to the Minister of Education Kravtsov, this year schoolchildren are waiting for not quite ordinary graduation parties. In regions where the situation remains the most tense, they can be transferred to the online format. True, there are few enthusiasts of online graduation or feast in Zoom.

Graduation day is a holiday not only for students, but also for teachers. On this day, it is customary to thank the teachers. Moreover, not only morally. Gifts for teachers have become an integral part of school life. Some parent committees set up special groups of “teachers responsible for gifts”. Moreover, this tradition was born almost from the end of the first class.

“My daughter went to second grade this year. The class is large, 36 children. The children are noisy and funny as to the selection, they don’t want to sit quietly in the lesson, but the parents relied on the experienced teacher. She does not complain, she copes on her own. Does not call anyone with complaints, does not bother. But the parent committee got too proactive, or rather, one of the parents included in it, acting as chairman. For incomprehensible purposes, she offered to chip in for a gift to the teacher for 1 thousand rubles. from each. Put up an offer in parental chat. True, that sentence looked more like an ultimatum. Having ascertained by simple calculations the total value of the gift, the parents began to resent. What exactly was the initiative chairman of the parent committee going to give, and is it “not fat” such a gift ... The main question is: why thank the teacher who is simply doing his job, in this case? ”, Write the parents of the students in social networks.

The format of gifts for teachers is also being actively discussed. Today in social networks there are such opinions:

“You can give a standard set: bouquet of flowers + candies. You can give something interesting, suitable for the teacher as a subject. For example, for a geographer you can present a brooch in the shape of a globe (if the teacher is a woman), there are many options for an unusual gift”, - writes the mother of the eighth grader.

“And what is your own thing to make a teacher happy? In any field, a project of some kind is being completed or the theater season, this is somehow celebrated. Why not mark the end of the school year in this case?”, - the 11-grader’s mother asks.

@marileon objects: “I am for minimizing costs. Frankly, I don’t see anything special and requiring investments at the end of the school year”.

We decided to ask the teachers themselves about their attitude to the gifts.

“If someone wants to thank the teacher - why not? But from this they did God knows what. Forcing parents to donate money for gifts is completely illegal. This is nonsense. Now, when many lose their jobs, collecting money is not the best time. Moreover, teachers, against the background of other professions, feel quite stable - they worked all the time, while representatives of other professions were transferred to remote work with an unclear prospect”, - said Irina Kantorovich, historian and public figure.

“There are fewer teachers among teachers now in Russia than among representatives of other professions. In the current situation, taking into account the crisis and the uncertainty with the work of many parents, discussing the topic of gifts to teachers is not the best time, ”said Andrei Rudoy , co-chair of the Uregional trade union, a history teacher from the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Now let's think about how a “modest present from the class”, for example, a Moscow teacher, will perceive. According to official data, the average teacher's salary in 2019 in Moscow was about 90 thousand rubles.

“Back in 2012, individual teachers in Moscow earned up to 300 thousand rubles. That is 10 thousand dollars a month! The average salary of the Moscow school principal today is about 400 thousand rubles a month. That is, these people have long stepped over the framework of the “middle class,” a teacher from one of the Moscow complexes in South Butovo shared anonymity with NI.

Official sources do not refute this information. In reality, teacher salaries vary by region, and the exact amount is calculated directly in the school itself. The total amount consists of several parts: the base part, compensation and incentive payments.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the average teacher salary in Russia in 2019 was 39,453.2 rubles. Moreover, the highest salaries for educational workers in the Chukotka Autonomous Region are 96 598 rubles, but the northern allowances play a huge role here. In Moscow, teachers receive an average of 95,034.5 rubles.

“About 60,000 a month comes out, these are watches, checking notebooks, extracurricular activities (circles) and work at the Moscow electronic school. Diagnostic work, olympiads, etc. are paid separately every three months from the incentive fund. Enough for a living. Before that, I didn’t work in Moscow and for a load that was even greater than now, I received much less", - says Olga, a teacher of Russian language and literature from Moscow.

Schools, which today have become huge complexes, in fact, sometimes have a multi-million dollar budget. Per month! In addition, you can not ignore the paid additional classes. As the correspondent of Novye Izvestia managed to find out, depending on the total amount of money paid by parents for paid school circles during the school year, the director officially received the right to receive from 2018 from February 1, from 3% to 3.75% per month in the form of a bonus. In 2020, the percentage decreased, since, according to the department’s calculations, the income of school principals by that time had already increased sufficiently compared to 2018.

As for teachers' salaries, they can be different. “Now it is quite legitimate to pay school employees a salary of various ranges. This is influenced by incentive payments. The salaries of many are really low, so much depends on the compensating part and various bonuses. They are now defined in school by the “collective” (in fact, the director). I showed the officials of the Ministry of Labor a document according to which the salary of the director’s secretary was initially more than the teacher’s. Their answer: “Since the collective decided this way, everything is legal,” told Irina Kantorovich, historian and public figure.

Moscow Mayor Sobyanin likes to repeat that Moscow teachers today earn 80-100 thousand rubles a month. But what these sums are made up of, the mayor does not specify. For some, it’s written “personally stimulating” by the director, for others it’s two-rate work with a huge load.

But let's think, is it not a sin to complain about additional work in our time, when many dream of a part-time job in order to somehow make ends meet? So teachers ’complaints of“ overload ”amid mass unemployment, the prospect of which is quite real for at least a third of Russians, is not an argument.

That's why a bouquet of flowers for 5 thousand rubles or a “brooch with precious stones for a geographic girl”, as well as various kinds of gift cards for the purchase of household appliances or perfumes - these are all artifacts from the past when teachers barely made ends meet, checking at night notebooks. Today, many parents would like to be in their place.

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