Lukashenko is again on a swing between Moscow and the West

Lukashenko is again on a swing between Moscow and the West
Lukashenko is again on a swing between Moscow and the West
23 July, 23:19Politics
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was drawn to the West again. Despite new threats from the United States and the European Union to impose sanctions against Minsk, the "dad" does not give up hope of resuming a dialogue with Biden, Merkel or Macron.

Sergey Kron

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Alexander Grigorievich said that he was not against the UAE's mediation in building a dialogue between him and Western partners.

Although the conversation with Europe “can hardly be called a dialogue in the current situation”, - Lukashenko admitted.

Recall that in August 2020, presidential elections were held in Belarus, in which, according to the official data of the CEC, Alexander Lukashenko won, the second place was taken by opposition representative Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who did not recognize the election results and left the country. After that, throughout the republic for several months there were massive protests of those who did not agree with the voting results.

The leaders of all European countries and the United States do not recognize the results of the elections and consider the actions of the Belarusian security forces in relation to the protesters to be excessively harsh. Against this background, the West has imposed sanctions and other restrictions on Belarus.

Experts do not see the conditions for starting negotiations with the "usurper" without stopping the repressions. German political scientist Alexander Rahr told Novye Izvestia: "Let Lukashenko first put things in order at home!"

According to the expert, when the “collective West” threatens the Belarusian president with sanctions, he shows everyone his finger and runs to Moscow, asks for help there. But when he is told in Russia, we will help you, but the project of creating the Union State must be completed, Crimea must be recognized as Russian territory, Lukashenko gets off with silence. And at a convenient moment he runs to the West, to beg for help there. In Europe, this is called "swing politics". But Lukashenko is swinging at such a pace that in the end he may fall.

Alexander Rahr suggested that today in Europe there will be especially cynical politicians who will again lend a hand to Captain Lukashenko, whose ship is sinking. “Many people here are ready to do anything to prevent the emergence of a new Russian empire”, - said the German political scientist.

Meanwhile, in Belarus, the intensity of internal repression is practically not decreasing. The KGB of the republic stated in plain text that a “cleansing” of those who disagree with Lukashenko’s policy is being carried out in the country.

A few months ago, repressions in Belarus concerned only those who participated in public protests and actions of civil disobedience. They are being monitored by recordings from video cameras and denunciations of special agents. Now, security officers come home to those who simply disagree, as well as those who are suspected of disloyalty. And this is an officially announced policy.

In recent weeks, mass searches in the offices of independent media outlets have again taken place throughout Belarus. One of the oldest Belarusian newspapers, Nasha Niva, was liquidated. Its website has been shut down, and its editors and accountants have been arrested. Along the way, two powerful regional publications “Brestskaya Gazeta” and “Intex Press” were slammed. Searches and detentions of journalists from various publications took place in Minsk, Brest, Gomel, Ivatsevichi, Glubokoye, Luninets and Gantsevichi. Moreover, the last four settlements are very small towns with a few thousand inhabitants, before the repressions bypassed them.

And here is the news that literally shook the country. In the leading collective farm "Komsomolskaya Pravda" milkmaids suddenly went on strike, demanding normal working conditions: to temporarily cancel the daily milking of cows due to the unbearable heat outside. The management of the collective farm called the police. The arrived operatives qualified the actions of the milkmaids under Article 24.23 - holding an unauthorized rally. They still had to milk the cows, and now the milkmaids are also threatened with criminal prosecution.

“In this situation, only a seriously ill person can consider Lukashenko a friend of Russia!", - political scientist Alexander Khramchikhin told Novye Izvestia. - And in the West they already know the price of it. True, before the events of last year, they looked at everything that was happening in Belarus through their fingers. And all because the "dad" openly betrayed Russia. Now they are looking to see how possible a repeat of this brilliant combination is. So anything can be expected from Lukashenko.

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