Elections near Kostroma were accidentally won by a cleaning lady

Elections near Kostroma were accidentally won by a cleaning lady
Elections near Kostroma were accidentally won by a cleaning lady
24 September 2020, 11:54PoliticsPhoto: vk.com
The head of the settlement in the Kostroma region accidentally became a cleaning lady, whom the current head of United Russia asked to participate in the elections in order to create the appearance of the competition.

According to vesti.ru, Marina Udgodskaya became the head of the Povalikhinsky rural settlement of the Chukhlomsky district of the Kostroma region. She agreed to participate in the elections as a "dummy" candidate. After graduating from vocational lyceum No. 23 in the village of Anfimovo in the Chukhlomsky district, Marina Udgodskaya worked as a cleaner in the administration building. It is this institution that she will now have to head.

According to Udgodskaya, she did not intend to work as the head, and does not even know how to do it: she has no experience of working with documents.

“Marina Udgodskaya was the only rival of the current head of the settlement, Nikolai Loktev. Almost 62 percent of voters voted for a woman. Udgodskaya said that she was not nominated herself, Nikolay Loktev asked her about it. The elected official explained that she was a dummy because there was no other person, and she just wanted to help”, - the message says.

According to the elected head, she did not conduct any election campaign.

“I didn’t think that they would vote for me, I didn’t expect such a turn. I didn't do anything at all, but people came and voted. I had 84 votes, and Loktev had 46 somewhere.

I take office on October 1. In general, I have no idea what the duties will include. I cleaned for four years, now the fifth. They said to work until the 30th, how you work. And what next, no one knows. I'm not ready internally. One must take office, and then the powers must be curtailed somehow. It’s hard: I have never had any business with documents”, - the newspaper Rise quotes the words of the newly elected head.

The election of a simple cleaner to the post of head caused a great public outcry.

“If not Putin, then... Marina Udgodskaya, a cleaner from near Kostroma. A wonderful story in the Povalikha rural settlement of the Chukhloma region. The local head asked the cleaning lady to act as a spoiler for the elections - just to get them in with an alternative candidate. But it turned out that people are ready to vote for anyone except the disgusted dear leader. 61% for Marina Udgodskaya like from a bush. Now she does not know what to do with the happiness that has poured in, she even thinks to refuse. Marina, don't! I'm serious. It doesn't matter who you worked, what kind of experience you have. For starters, you just need to not steal and talk to people. By this you will already be a cut above any United Russia member. By the way, I suspect, if you got to the presidential elections, you would have won there too. Because 20 years of dictatorship gave one common desire: change. Anyone. And you, Marina, will probably not use the Novice. And this is already a huge plus”, - Dmitry Gudkov, a politician in Udgoda, commented on the election.

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