We already went through this in the USSR: the Duma proposed not to disclose the job positions of criminals

We already went through this in the USSR: the Duma proposed not to disclose the job positions of criminals
We already went through this in the USSR: the Duma proposed not to disclose the job positions of criminals
25 November 2021, 14:04PoliticsPhoto: Фото Соцсети
State Duma deputy quite seriously urged journalists not to mention the status of people responsible for high-profile road accidents.

The State Duma called on the media not to mention the positions of those responsible for high-profile accidents. The reason for this dashing statement was a terrible car accident in which a completely drunken deputy head of the department in the administration of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Tyumen region, Major of Justice Shadrin, returning from a bar at night with friends, did not notice two road workers removing snow, and at a speed of 150 km / h just smeared them along the way.

And deputy Anatoly Vyborny (of course, from United Russia) expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that the emphasis placed by journalists on the position of a representative of a government body caused "irreparable damage" to the reputation of the state structure in which he works. Elected and said that the media should not indicate the positions of the people responsible for road accidents:

“There is absolutely no need to shift the emphasis to the position of the person. Some offenses that entail criminal law consequences are committed intentionally - for example, rape, embezzlement, robbery, and so on. And others without specific intentions - as a result of an accident, road accident in certain circumstances. In such cases, it is not entirely correct to focus on the position [of a representative] of one or another authority, because a negative opinion is being formed..."

That is, according to the deputy, the problem is not in the drunk major, who drives a BMW at great speed, knocks people down, but in the journalists.

Analyst Nikita Krichevsky notes on this:

“Announce the entire list, please.

The deputy with the speaking surname Vyborny said that, in his opinion, it is impossible to focus on the position of the person who committed the crime. On nationality - it is impossible, at the place of residence - it is impossible, on party affiliation - it is impossible, in positions at the place of work - it is also impossible.

And what can you use?

On gender, gender, age, hair color, presence of hands and feet, stool analysis? "

Social activist Vera Afanasyeva adds "fire":

“The deputy, of course, got excited about the reputation -“ these organizations ”can no longer spoil it.

But thanks to him for not offering to oblige the relatives of the victims to pay for the repair of Shadrin's car.

But we are rapidly moving towards an information vacuum - soon everyone will be allowed to write only about milk production and ballet ... "

Journalist Olga Tropkina proposes to completely anonymize crime:

“And I propose to go further. No names are needed either. The future belongs to numbers. For example, Elon Musk named his son a number and letters. And some high-ranking officials, more precisely, their children, were designated as LSDU3 and YFNU9 in Rosreestr. Why do we need half measures, some kind of kindergarten ... "

Aleksandr Khinshtein, a colleague of Vyborny in the Duma and in the party, tried to somehow brighten up the situation:

“This is the personal opinion of Vyborny's colleague, which cannot be put into practice. And thank God!"

However, there are no doubts that Vyborny's proposal will sooner or later be implemented: in the Soviet Union, whose rich ideological experience is equal to the current Russian government, such incidents were strictly classified.

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