The European Union cancels "Green cards" for cars with Russian numbers

The European Union cancels "Green cards" for cars with Russian numbers
The European Union cancels "Green cards" for cars with Russian numbers
26 May, 12:03PoliticsPhoto: Соцсети
From June 1, 2023, international policies issued for cars with Russian numbers will cease to be valid in almost all European countries.

Ivan Zubov

Another unpleasant information about Western sanctions against Russians is reported by the online edition " Autoreview ". It will affect only those Russian citizens who expect to travel to Europe in their own car with Russian numbers. It turns out that many countries of the continent have already terminated bilateral agreements with our country on the mutual recognition of Green Cards - international motor third party liability insurance policies that have been in effect in 48 countries, including Russia since 2009. By June 1 next, 2023, all Green Cards issued in our country will cease to be valid in all EU countries and in Switzerland, and, accordingly, the same policies issued to Europeans will become useless in Russia. By the way, Ukraine terminated this agreement with Russia back in March.

The publication also reminds that the Green Cards issued in Russia will continue to be valid in Belarus, Azerbaijan, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, as well as in Israel, Iran, Morocco, Iran, Israel, Tunisia and Turkey. In the meantime, citizens of our country entering European countries will buy OSAGO policies that are valid only there. True, according to the publication, in some countries it will still be possible to issue a Green Card for Russian cars, but several times more expensive than today.

Blogger Nikita Nebylitsin , who lives in Spain, complains:

“This is bad for those who travel by car and motorcycles. Where to get insurance for Russian cars now when you go abroad is not clear. And it’s completely lousy for those who already have equipment on Russian license plates in Europe, that I won’t know what to do now. Because it is impossible to buy, for example, insurance for a Russian car in France. Someone and somewhere, as Autoreview writes, seems to be insuring Russian cars in Europe. But to be honest, I have never come across such a thing ... "

In the meantime, everything is more or less normal with insurance: on the borders with the Baltic countries and Poland, they can be bought freely, as before.

In addition, the insurers themselves write in the comments: “We sell Montenegrin Green Cards throughout Europe. There is an agent even in Spain. When ours cease to operate, we will start selling Lithuanian ones ... "

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